Sex – Only A Three Letter Word Now?

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Recently I have been speaking to way too many women who have confided in me that for them sex is just an act. It is not something that they look forward to or something that they enjoy. Woah! Really? Why?

Why is it that so many women out there lie there on their beds every night with their legs apart as the man penetrate them – and they don’t feel a thing?

These are married couples. They love their spouses and so want to give them pleasure. But they get nothing in return. Probably this lot is worse off than those who sell their bodies – at least they get money in return.


The oft repeated answer has been because the man is too busy pleasuring himself. What is it about Indian men that make them more often than not want to concentrate more on themselves?

Some say that sex becomes a chore because she is so self conscious about her body that she is unable to set herself free. Lady, if you can’t love your own body, sex will always remain vanilla ice cream – cold and boring. You want to experience ‘making love’? You want to know what that hot chocolate fudge feels like? Learn to love your own body. No one is perfect. So don’t be shy. Keep the lights on!

A couple of women told me that it’s boring because it is predictable. They know exactly what comes next. Ahemm! Well, not everyone can be Christian Grey and get away with it too. And not many would like it that way either. Add to this – the Kamastura positions seem more suited for circus artists with a body agility that normal people can’t boast of. Yet, surprises in the act is possible. To all the men out there, for once, let your imagination soar. It’s not that you don’t have one. Why do you let it come out only when you see a PYT on the road? Use it for the bedroom too.

The last reason bugs me the most. Faking an orgasm. Just when the excitement heightens for the woman, the man is done with. So she fakes it all. How absurd can that get? And again, why? Just because the man can’t hold his erection long enough? The concept of two people climaxing at the same time has just been too over dramatized in books and in movies. Reality is vastly different. So accept that. If you need more, then tell him so. He can’t just get his act done with and roll away and start snoring. Open your mouth. And this time, open it to speak!


12 thoughts on “Sex – Only A Three Letter Word Now?

  1. ajaykohli says:

    Average time of man’s orgasm and woman’s orgasm is different ,so practically both having orgasm simultaneously is very rare ,only possibility is not to focus on orgasm rather enjoy the journey


  2. madthem says:

    May I say something? 🙂 This will gonna be only my opinion, but I think, that people just don’t give a damn about anything. People just don’t care. And it’s not about gender. Men don’t care, women don’t care. These things could be easy repaired, but no one is lifting a finger for…


  3. ajaykohli says:

    Sex is over hyped these days all thanks to porn one can’t perform as porn stars ,you see them on videos ,its very well edited ,moreover they take pills to prolong erection and females are under drugs influence ,there is no emotions rather its kind of brutal ,anal sex and oral sex comes with lots of diseases ,anyone who loves his partner will never ignore her health for selfish gratification


  4. pratseek says:

    Sex is both talent and skill.. Both men and women has to put in time with open and honest communication to learn it. But the problem in marriages is ego..Women fear if i say what i want my man will think i am slut..This is insane


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