Flirt On?

flirting, dating, love, romance, relationshipLet’s get mushy. After all, that’s what I write best about. But since this is not a love letter but a blog post, there has to be a point that I drive home.

This is what has been on my mind lately – especially with what I see around me amongst the younger generation of girls (Yuck! That makes me sound old!) –

‘What is the need to flirt if you can have that one person who truly loves you?’

These are the answers that I got from young girls (college-going and those just starting off with work) who are currently in a serious relationship. Most border on a high level of immaturity. And it makes me wonder what ‘serious’ means to them.

“It is fun to know that I have the power to make the men dance on my finger tips.”

“I don’t want to see the same face everyday. It’s like having to eat ‘bhindi’ each night.”

“I flirt. Of course I do! I’m young. Why shouldn’t I?”

“I love the risk. Knowing that I am out with one guy while the other one thinks that I am out with my parents gives me a huge kick.”

“I do have a boyfriend and I love him a lot. But I can’t be with only him. What do I do if a more good looking guy makes a pass at me?”

“Well there is a guy I am going around with, but we keep having arguments. That’s when I catch someone else.”

But there were others too. These ones keep my hope alive that ‘love’ will not die a natural death with the passage of time.

“I am just his. I don’t need anyone else.”

“He’s my companion. We share everything. Why should I flirt?”

“The way he kisses me is insane. I can’t think beyond him.”

“Flirt? Na! I’m waiting to be swept off my feet.”

“I used to. But ever since I have found the real man, I don’t want anyone else. I would rather cosy up with him whenever we can carve out free time from our busy schedules.”

And this is what I think…

People flirt. This concept exists. After all we are dealing with humans and not robots programmed to behave in a certain predictable fashion. Men and women both flirt. They do it out of habit, a need for adventure to improve their self esteem or for sex. Flirting does cause excitement and it does have a ‘feel good’ factor associated with it.

But when two people find love in each other, flirting should go right out of the window. The rest of the worlds, stars, galaxies can stay where they are. The new found couple’s world should stop right there.

Some say there’s harmless flirting which entails just normal talk which makes you feel happy and harmful flirting which means wanting to sleep around. It doesn’t matter what the definition is. If you truly love someone (Note – I use the word love and not relationship. Some relationships just stay relationships – battered by time and reason to naught – these don’t count) then it is not allowed even if one were to define ‘flirting’ as ‘having an interesting conversation with someone you find attractive’.‎

Told you – I don’t belong to today’s generation.


8 thoughts on “Flirt On?

  1. pratseek says:

    If people are highly infatuated by each other flirting will automatically go out the window.. I don’t think in matters of heart things should be force..


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