And This Is When A Joke Is No Longer Funny

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Relationships are very fragile. It can take years to build up one and yet can crumble in just a few seconds. One fight, one misunderstanding, one confusion, a little error. This is all that is takes for a bond to go kaput. And when this happens, I am sure, the people involved do feel a plethora of emotions. It could be hurt, anger, humiliation, emptiness, devastation or a ear deafening silence.

ThIS brings me to my point. What is it about so many people that makes them want to make mockery of such broken relationships? Why do they do it? What vicarious pleasure do they derive from it? There are so many things to joke about. Can’t they leave thIS alone?

Humour is nice. But when that is directed at someone’s personal space, it doesn’t really stay humour anymore. It just becomes some disgusting thought that emanates from an even more disgusting mind. 

Then comes the second point. The argument that says that the lives of people who are celebrities should be like an open book couldn’t have been more wrong. Why is that even a case in point? They are humans beings before they are anything else. Even if they are public figures because of which there is an image that they need to manage and maintain, they also have a personal space. Why must we try and barge into it? Dig up stuff from there? Analyse their actions? Analyse their relationships? And not only leave it at that but create jokes out of it too! Then proudly present that in the social media!

Basically why is it so difficult for so many out there to be happier with their own lives? Are they so boring and mundane that they need to spice it up with creation of jokes out of relationship issues that others are facing? What if someday one were to do the very same thing with theirs?

PS: Yes, this is my reaction to the joke that’s doing the rounds about the actors of the ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ team.

I so belong to a different age! Or it’s probably just my right upbringing which prevents me from thinking so. 

Some friends advised me not to make such a hue and cry about it. Apparently because these things happen. It’s usual nowadays. I say, why? Why are they so normal nowadays? And why won’t I make a hue and cry about it? After all we aren’t really talking about a non-serious show like ‘Splitsvilla’. This is the real ‘Splitsvilla’ that real people are trying to deal with. We really should leave them alone.

And yes, if I am talking about what is right and what is not then I shall continue to do so. Why should I be silent while idiots go about on their silly and thoughtless rampage?


2 thoughts on “And This Is When A Joke Is No Longer Funny

  1. TheLastWord says:

    Humour is inherently cruel at some level. You are poking fun at a person’s circumstance. I prefer to go the self-deprecatory humour route but only because I’m comfortable with that. However, even self-deprecation has got me into trouble.

    Example: The daily newspaper used to have this little advertisement. it asked you 5 questions and then it said “If you answered Yes to all 5, you are depressed” it then went on to invite you take part in some clinical study. During an office lunch I joked about the advertisement. Surely there was more to being diagnosed as depressive than a 5-question advert. I went on to say, that if that is to be believed then I was definitely depressive.

    After lunch, one of my colleagues, took me aside and was very angry with me. “I’m clinical depressed and I take medication for it. You should not be making fun of people like us.”

    The point is: there is always someone who is hurt by some joke or the other. In this case, you’re that kill-joy!

    🙂 🙂


    • Aditi Bose says:

      While I smiled at the incident that you have so beautifully written I have two things to say.
      1. A joke doesn’t hurt someone always.
      2. I don’t mind humour directed at oneself. In such cases the person is kidding about himself. If he doesn’t mind that then what the heck! However, constantly doing that might turn him into an object who can be made fun of. People might start to believe that he is fine being joked about. I have doubts how well that would go down with him though.


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