I Don’t Like This Position

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Those who know me well are already a little (OK more than a little) shocked at the ‘bold’ blog posts that are being written by me. Some have told me that I have changed. I don’t know if that’s for the good or for the worse because that hasn’t been spelled out to me. People love being vague. However, it doesn’t really matter because I am happy this way. There’s got to be somewhere or to someone where one can rant out everything. And this is where I do it.

This post, however, even if the title is suggestive of it, won’t be about the ‘various positions’. I could give a detailed sermon on it but so could Google. So I will let sexual positions be for the time being. 😉

What is this ‘position’ then that’s of interest to me. It’s the ever compromising position that the woman faces in this oh-so-traditional Indian society of ours. 

(Forgive me all you exceptions to the rule for you are but a minority in this land!)

She’s expected to study lesser so that her brother can study more. It doesn’t matter if he is a no-brainer! Or even if he grows up and decides that his father already has enough money and so he needn’t work after all – he can just spend more time drinking himself insane.

She’s told what profession she can take up lest she doesn’t get a groom for herself. Exactly, wasn’t that the reason she was allowed to even be born? I mean, c’mon, her parents didn’t commit female infanticide. She can’t do this much for them?

She can’t wear clothes that she wants because apparently that provokes men into demonic acts. And men, of course, is allowed to roam around with a hard-on all the while.

She can’t go anywhere that she wants to and whenever she wants to because everything is so ‘safe’ in this land.

She dresses up like a mannequin and is paraded in front of the prospective groom. She might as well have been paraded nude – after all that all that the man wants to see. Umm, let’s see, with a few kilos of jewellery maybe? The in-laws need to know the dowry that she will be getting, right?

She is expected to quit her job because the baby comes along. And so, naturally, her life has to come to a full stop.

She might be much more educated than anyone in the the family she’s been married into but her place is in the kitchen. How can the Indian male cook? He hasn’t even been taught to fetch himself a glass of water!

She married so out go all her friends! How can she have the friends she wants to have now? The females are forgotten because she doesn’t have time and the males? Well, she can’t have boyfriends after marriage! That’s against the culture. Bunch of hypocrites!

She has to change the surname that she’s grown up on. Why? Oh, be a little intelligent dear readers. A man has been good enough to marry her! She can do this much, can’t she? Change her entire damned identity!

God damn it but she is even expected to be down below when time for some leg spreading comes. get on top woman! Ride! (How could I end this without any advice at all on the ‘position’). Get your life back. You don’t have forever to live. The heart will stop one day. It does for everyone.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like This Position

  1. Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

    It is a saddening situation. Even with the advent of all sorts of education, social media, I.T and migration from one’s home town to other places (away from the maddening relatives and at times, ignorant and god-loving parents), and the subsequent exposure to modern thinking, many are believers of age-old customs and systems. Men, mostly. Women, just a couple of notches behind them. What I see around me is that one’s modernity in thinking is mostly measured by how many times one go to eat Italian or continental! 😛 Guys working in Microsoft or Apple, the so-called harbingers of modern thought, are seen to be believing in ‘bahu to be taken home’ and ‘shy girl with e manners’. Ironically, the same guys can be seen salivating over someone else’s bold and modern-dressed girlfriend. It will take a long time to understand the depth of this folly and make a move to change it.
    Nice post. I love the bold way of writing. Talking about sexual positions are considered a taboo (or at the least, a vulgar joke!) by many. So, what do we gotta do? Talk about them more… Thanks for the prompt, ya.

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