The Gifts I Want From My Valentine

valentines day, 14 february, gifts, love, romance

Who wouldn’t want roses and cards? Chocolates and teddies? Well, I don’t. It’s not because madness has struck me. It’s because I want much more. Much much more. Is he prepared to give me this?

V – Be Valorous – He should have the courage to stand up for me. Support me. Fight the world. Speak up when someone is trying to pull me down. Stand is front of me like a fortress. Hold my hand and walk the walk. Forever.

A – Be Adventurous – What’s love without some adventure? Seeking out the unknown. Doing what’s risky. Taking chances. Being together when the world expects you to fall apart.

L – Be Loving – This encompasses the hugs, the hand squeezes, the look-at-me looks, the tender touches, the cheek caresses, the slow kisses, the even slower love making sessions. Everything that goes to show that I am what he wants. What he needs. What completes him.

E – Be Energetic – Oh I don’t ever want a Valentine who is perpetually tired. Not saying he can’t sleep late. Of course he can. We all have a certain way the body functions and if it needs sleep then it does. But when we are together he should be full of life and energy. Full of excitement to be around me.

N – Be Nice to People – This one’s not for me. And yet it is. He needs to be a nice man. Someone who people like. Someone who people say is well-mannered. His way of talking, his body language, his way of dealing with situations and people. It is so easy to fly into a rage nowadays. The one who doesn’t, the one who can keep his cool is the man for me. For he is the one who I can look up to. And if I can’t look up to him then he can’t be my Valentine. Ever.

T – Be True to Me – He can go lie to the world. I don’t care. But he doesn’t lie to me. He should be able to look me in the eye and say that ‘I’m truly all yours. You are all I want. You are where my search ends.’

I – Be Interesting – Two people can’t be coochie-cooing and talking mush all the while. So, it is but natural, that he needs to be an interesting person. No one’s asking him to know the Gita or Beowulf! But he should be able to talk on different things. Be it sport, politics, rock music, wine, life or spas! Sometimes it’s just good to talk, learn and share a laugh.

N – Be Natural – He has to be normal and natural. Not put on any act. Not try and be perfect. Not say things just to impress. But just be himself. If he likes to wear jeans and tee then so be it. He doesn’t have to come dressed in suits. If he hates Bollywood then he can say so. If he wants to eat beef rather than chicken then he jolly well can. There’s not going to be any moral policing here. It is more about being comfortable with your Valentine. So please no farce! Because the truth ultimately comes out.

E – Be Enticing – As the saying goes, save the best for last. He has to be alluring for me to accept him as my Valentine. Not in the way a Mills & Boon male protagonist is. Don’t really need tall, dark and handsome. But here’s what I do need. He should be smart and well spoken, have excellent diction, is crisply dressed (not necessarily a walking brand endorsement!), knows which deodorant and aftershave to use and is clean shaven.

See, I’m not hard to please. ๐Ÿ™‚


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