This Is Why I Will Always Write Love Stories

I love you, I love writing, love, romance

Even I had a love overload on Valentine’s Day. Not because I was being showered with love (there cannot be an overload with that, the more you get the better it is!) but because the social media was buzzing with falsities –  cute-n-romantic pictures of couples who suddenly realised that encasing themselves in heart shaped picture frames was the need of the hour, quotes and movie clippings from the most popular in their genre, suddenly people wanting to write love poems and stories even though ideally they screw up their nose at this genre and special ‘love contests’ that promised just about anything except guaranteeing love. Just too much to handle!

But 14th February is over and now people will rest for the next 365 odd days before they again suddenly realise that they must be in love! Much like the national spirit that comes alive on 15th August and 26th January every year. Why is ‘trueness’ so limited these days?

You might ask what I’m trying to hint at here. Right? Am I claiming that my ‘trueness’ to love is at a higher percentage as compared to the others? Yes! For a change, this is precisely my claim to fame. For a change I feel superior and am looking down upon most others as lesser mortals. For they don’t understand love. Not in its truest sense. Or even in its sexiest sense.

People are born with an inherent personality. And the ability to excel in something. After over-analysis of the self for the past ‘the positive square root of thirty six multiplied by six’ number of years I have understood that I was born to love, know love, understand love and be in love with love. 

For now, though, I will restrict it just to a man-woman relationship and not even go down the path that prevents me from plucking flowers from trees lest they get hurt! Mainly because, as a corollary, I am a complete non-vegetarian and some will argue that that makes me a murderer. So, since I don’t indulge in cannibalism (yet), I will keep it to love amidst humans.

In no order, these are some of the emotions that I feel. If any of you have felt all these, well, in that case, I am ready for the competition 🙂

– It is predestined

– It makes you tell your darkest secrets

– It makes you forgive

– It gives you energy

– It makes you adventurous

– It makes you want to trust

– You want to smile even though you are crying

– It ignites so much passion that nothing else matters

– You let go of all your preconceived notions about ‘I will never do this’

– For once the night looks more beautiful

– You sweat even on the coldest day and shiver even on the hottest night

– A look could smoulder you

– You become child-like

– You don’t mind discussing even the most girly stuff like PMS cramps

– There is never any awkwardness even if you are seen in torn night pyjamas

– Silence doesn’t feel weird

– Street food is as much fun as fine dining

– Suddenly you want to know lyrics and poetry that will help you find the right quote to share at the right time

– You get high on a single glass of wine because his presence intoxicates you

– Every kiss feels like the first time

– Memories stay as alive as the real incident for years

– There need not be any touch to tell that he loves you

– You accept the flaws and you don’t try to change them

– His well being comes before you

– It heals you when you are broken

– It makes you want to give life another chance

– You strip your soul naked in front of him

– You really don’t give looks a look

– You don’t see if others are looking because he is all that you can see around you

– You want to indulge in the crazy, illogical and the dirty

– It feels as effortless and as much a part of you as breathing

– You never force him to love you back

– The two minds instinctively connect

– You want to hear him talk about his likes and dislikes

– It will always encourage you to pursue your dreams

– It will lift you up when in self doubt

– You can make the most passionate love and then laugh over analysing the session

– You want to jump into the puddles together and even discuss which shoe colour is in rage

– Distance will scare you but not make you insecure

– Lies don’t have a place

– Old age will mellow down the vivaciousness of the body but not of the heart

– The friendship will be unbreakable

– You will want to leave the Earth before he does

– You don’t mind roaming around in his shirt all over the house

– PDA doesn’t embarrass you

– You trust him completely even when the two of you are locked in an elevator and you are turning breathless with fright

– You are ready to see the movies he likes and hear the songs he likes

– You desperately try to remember details about his family and relatives

– It becomes the only religion that you believe in

And this is why love stories are the only stories that I will ever write. (Unless I’m writing tales for children – kids being my second love and my kid being my first love)

With one romance book in the stands now, the second almost done and the plot of the third eating my sanity; I have had friends and strangers telling me how I should try my hand at other genres too because they are also gaining in popularity. Or, at least, try clubbing love with horror, fantasy, history etc. To those who can, I’m sure it’s wonderful. I won’t. Simple man-woman relationships is what I like to write about and so it shall be. And neither will my stories ever have a multitude of characters. It is always going to be about two people and one love. Trust me, there’s much beyond the realms of imagination that one can write about in this field.

Eureka! As I end this blog post of mine here and follow it up with some narcissistic self promotion of my book, I finally know what the third book will be about. This is how ideas come when you are talking / writing / thinking about what you love.

Do I hear you asking me ‘what’? Let me just give you a silent smile for the secret will unfold only when the time is right.

Blowing my own trumpet moment….

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