It Is Not As Much Fun As It Appears To Be


I love my blog. It allows me to write about whatever is on my mind without bothering about whether people will judge me or not. Not that I ever cared much about being judged. The shy girl at school had changed into a rebellious woman while at college 🙂 I thought age would quieten me a bit. But it seems that it hasn’t. When I feel strongly about something or if something is on my mind, I feel this intense urge to vent it out. This piece is one such.

The other day on the radio I heard an RJ saying that an interviewer had asked Sunny Leone whether she had ever had a one night stand or not. It’s a different thing that she had given an answer (and that too a smart one), but the point is, aren’t such questions a tad too personal? I mean, would one dare to ask Priyanka Chopra when she had last made love? Or ask Katrina Kaif if Salman was better than Ranbir in bed? Then why Sunny? I’m not about to start a battle here. But I personally think that just because she has done pornography, it in no way gives permission to the media to overstep their boundaries. She’s just doing her job!

What is pornography anyway? Some people slogging their asses off for the visual titillation of those who are unable to find themselves a partner to have sex with! (I will keep the word to ‘sex’ and not venture into the realms of ‘making love’ because that’s something only few achieve.)

At the end of the day it is just another job. After all they aren’t really doing it for the sex. It’s a filming process. Apparently they are dusted with gold tint so that the lighting works well on the bodies and then misted water is sprinkled so that the bodies look sweaty. Ugh! That can be quite a torture if the day is a cold one.

I’m sure I’m not being naive when I say this but there’s a huge difference between performing the act ‘behind shut doors’ and while ‘staring in the face of cameras’. In the latter case, I guess, all one is thinking about is whether the angle and the look is good or not. Much like the innumerable pelvic thrusting songs that Bollywood offers!

The viewer, is done with seeing what the scene offers in little time. But the work that happens behind it needs plenty of starts and stops. Be that whether your are new or you are a stalwart at it. It’s all so process oriented. No fun for sure! Excepting maybe they get an orgasm while getting paid for it. But at the cost of what? 

Information search tells me that the male stars get paid more for filming gay sex. So even straight men do it. Mostly for the money. Some would term it as stooping low. I ask, what if that’s the only option that they have? It is just so easy to be judgemental.

And STDs? The stars are needed to get regular tests done to keep a tab on whether they are healthy or not. But how long can protection-less sex with multiple partners keep one safe? I’m sure drugs, misuse and taking advantage (all so common in the world of films and fashion as well) can’t be too far behind either. So, while those watching porn is enjoying a turn on, there’s probably someone out there who is battling a fatal disease.

Googling led me to these pieces of information:

  • A good deal of male porn performers use Caverject. This is a drug that is injected straight into their penis to perpetuate and maintain an erection.
  • Another male porn star had to have zinc before the shot because that made the cum looked extra white.

Doesn’t sound like these guys are having an enjoyable time at all!

There could be different reasons why an individual gets into this industry. Either because they think that it will be fun, or because they need the money or out of sheer ignorance. But not many survive for long. They often approach NGOS and help centers for therapy. And for those who do survive, the mental anguish is not something that can be disregarded. Very few manage to go down the ‘happily married’ path. Those are the strong and gutsy ones.

So, next time, don’t point fingers at the ‘Sunny’s of the world. Remember that three are pointing back at you! Instead go get a life for yourself. And satisfy senses other than the visual one for a change.

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