Fight the Depression


I’m not a doctor and so for those who are seeking for medical advice to counter depression, this is not the place to be. However, if you think that some you-better-smile-else-you-will-get-a-kick-on-your-butt will help then read on.

There’s just a few mantras that you need to remember and it will get you through this period of depression. If they have helped a born pessimist like me then you will also benefit. That I’m sure of.

“I’m not the only one”

When times are tough you always think why it’s happening to you. But that not true. If you look around then you will find that others have also faced similar situations in the past and are currently facing it too. And each one has dealt with it. So you must stop blaming yourself, God and destiny for your situation. Don’t get into the spiral of sadness for you are not the only one.

“There are others who are worse off”

When you are battling a crisis and you see people around you enjoying themselves, you are bound to think why you were chosen to face this. Trust me, your sample size is not big enough. If you are going through a tough time, there are plenty more out there who are facing worse situations. Just open your eyes and look around.

“I have to smile”

When times are troubled you won’t feel like smiling. But if you can then half the problems will get solved. So find yourself that thing or person who can make you do so. Some manage it through a piece of cake and some through a kiss. Allow yourself some happiness. And when you see it coming to you, then embrace it. Don’t feel scared or guilty to. Being engulfed with sadness doesn’t mean you have to stay that way forever. Allow the smiles to enter your life.

“I have only one life to live” 

The breaths that you are taking are limited. It is bound to end one day. So either you can spend them while wallowing in self pity or you can spend them while taking a walk in the park, snorkelling in the sea, chatting with a friend, having steamy sex or painting a picture. Use the time that you have productively. Use it to give yourself some happiness. Is there any use sitting grumpily?

“My loved ones don’t like to see me this way”

You are not alone. None of us are. No matter how lonely you feel, there’s always that one person who loves you and wants to see you happy. Sometimes you have to get up and pick up the pieces for that one person. Yes, sometimes you have to live for another human being. Love will make you do that. If that one person hates to see you unhappy, then will you really feel happy being unhappy? This might sound a little complex, but read through it slowly and you will know what I mean.

“I need to get my ass up”

Alright so you are sad. Things haven’t shaped up the way you had hoped that it would. But is it really helping you to sit there and doing nothing about it? If you are going to cage yourself up then do you think you are doing anyone a favour? Is the world going to stop spinning? Will time stand still? Wouldn’t it make sense for you to start planning for lies ahead. There always is an ‘ahead’. Search for that. Get up. Change things. Make things happen. Try again. Find solutions. Search out your peace.

“The clouds will clear”

No matter how dark the clouds, it clears. Yes, a torrential downpour might cause floods and wreck havoc. But it never does something that can’t be rebuilt. Scars might remain. But time heals. In life too that happens. When everything seems amiss, remember that it won’t be forever. It has to become alright. And you have the power to do so. After all it is your life. You can emerge out of the darkness. Don’t get swept away by the force of sadness. Train your mind and your heart to feel the deluge and yet stay strong.

“There is a solution”

Family? Heartbreak? Career? Friendship? Life and death? Finances? What’s causing the depression? Ask yourself the real reason that behind your mood upheaval. Try and find answers to your problems. Speak to someone whom you can trust. There’s always a solution to an issue. It might not be an easy one, it might need guts to face it, but it is there. So become a little practical. Think logically. And work towards solving the problem instead of whining.

“There are always alternatives”

If one thing has gone topsy turvy it doesn’t mean that all has ended. Yes, for sometime that’s how it will seem. But that’s not the truth. Alternatives and new beginnings exist. So give yourself a chance. Don’t get nervous just because it failed the first time. Failure doesn’t mean the end of the world. It just means that other unexplored routes exist. And you can reach where you want to – all you need to do is to start searching for the new path.

“It is not the end”

This is the last one. My mantras end after this. It’s really very simple. Nothing is ever really the end till you are body is lying lifeless on a bed of ice. That’s when everything is over and you are ready for a new journey. So, till that time, please stop shedding those tears and please stop brooding. Get up, drink a little wine, eat some comfort food and start the walk again. Maybe a slow walk if the weight is too much. But start it!

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