Are You Sure It Is Love?


“I love you.”

“You are my life.”

“I won’t be able to live with you.”

Sounds familiar? I’m sure! It’s been said by millions for the past so many years. But watch out for the signs I’m going to talk about. If you think your relationship have these, then stay away. Unless you want what ‘your man’ wants too – S.E.X.!

Yes, these are the signs that you are in a relationship where the guy is all out to have a good time with you in bed. Or maybe the shower! Umm, well alright, maybe even the back seat of the car. But love? Nopes. That doesn’t exist.

1. Whenever you meet each other in a place that’s private and away from roving eyes you end up having sex. And the only word that comes out is ‘faster’ or ‘harder’.

2. They want to meet you only at night – even during the weekend when he’s been free. Regular post 10pm dates can mean only one thing – he wants a ‘good and tiring night’. And once they are adequately exhausted they want to run back to their own beds. You sleeping on his arms has been happening just in your dreams.

3. Whenever you plan a date, he wants to do it at his place or yours. The food is called in for (because he doesn’t want to waste time in the kitchen cooking! It can be used for other purposes though) and movies are all watched in bed. He will go check out the new restaurant that’s opened up with his other friends instead.

4. He is not interested in talking about his family and friends and doesn’t want to listen about yours either. Getting you introduced to any is an even more distant dream. None probably even know about your existence.

5. Phone messages are only sexual in nature. A normal ‘Hi, what’s up?’ or ‘What are you doing?’ never comes.

6. There’s never any cuddling after the act. They want to roll over and sleep or roll over and get out of bed (and run back home).

7. You just have his cell number. You are clueless about how else you can contact him (or where he stays) just in case ever the phone is unreachable.

8. All your planning is about where you can meet to have sex and when you should meet so that you can safely enjoy a long sexual encounter.

9. If you bump into them somewhere else when they are in company of friends or colleagues, they avoid you or talk to you as if you are a stranger.

10. You know he is free, but he always lands up giving only a couple of hours of his time to you. That’s all that he needs to satisfy his hormones after all!

11. He never talks about his likes and dislikes, his work, what his hobbies are, etc. You just know how he likes to be touched!

12. More often than not, you are the one making all the date plans. And he is cool with whatever you say as long as it doesn’t intrude on his other plans. You never get first priority though.

13. It doesn’t really matter to him if he’s done/said something that’s hurt you. It’s always you who is behaving daft by being so emotional!

14. He is making out with other women too. Either you have found that out or he has told you so!

15. He is too busy complimenting you on how good you look in that dress, or how hot you look from behind. Your inner qualities (read intelligence, humour, values) go unnoticed.

16. He gets sex into all conversations. You talk about how the presentation you made at work was appreciated and he says it’s because the guy couldn’t take his eyes off you!

17. Both of you land up fighting if you ever say ‘no’ to sex. If it was love he would have been happy with just a hug or even just to sit and talk with you over a cup of coffee after a hard day’s work.

18. Had it been love he would have been making love to you; not having sex. And had it been the former you would have been having a ball with all the foreplay. But the man who just wants sex will want just the act and you will be the object with which he satisfies his needs.

If I thought a bit more, I’m sure I would have managed to round off the total number of points to twenty. But eighteen should be good enough for you to decide what you will do with your man now. I’m off to tell my friend that she needs to dump his guy NOW! Else he spells a lot of misery for her in the days to come.

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