Top 14 ‘He Loves Her’ Signs

signs that he loves you

Are you smiling because you have discovered that you are in love? Well congratulations! It’s a heady feeling for sure. But does he love you to? What are the signs? Too much of that on Google already. Let’s try and get some different answers out. I asked some of my friends but all they said was, “men are tricky”. I don’t think so. They are simpler than women are.

So here’s my take on how you can analyse if he loves you too or not. I’m giving you my top-of-mind recall ‘Top 14 He Loves Her Signs’.

Please note: we are discussing if ‘he loves she’. These are not signs for the reverse. And they have been cited in random order.

He will watch the most atrocious Bollywood movie with you even if he is Hollywood junkie. That too without sleeping off or concentrating on the popcorn. And even give his one line critical appreciation of the movie once it is over.

He will ask you how your day was and actually listen to you when you speak. Even if it is about how you cleaned up pigeon shit from the flower pot!

He will always know when you are having trouble managing the gadgets and will help you with it. For example; without chuckling he will teach you how to transfer your phone pictures onto the computer!

Your throat chokes on cigarette smoke. Your body reacts adversely to passive smoking. He will never smoke in front of you. And if he does, he will first see the direction of the wind to see that the smoke is going in a direction that is away from you.

He will make sure that you get an orgasm every time the two of you make love. Giving you pleasure will be his top most priority.

He will know what you want in bed even without you specifying it. If you are suddenly feeling shy, despite n-number of sessions together, he will give you that time to open up. And help you do so by planting barely-there kisses on your eyes and cheeks till you get comfortable.

Even on an evening out with the boys, he will tell you “keep messaging me.” And actually respond with a proper coherent sentence when you do send him one.

He will ask you for your opinion in things you know better. And even consider them while making a decision.

You will always know where he is. ‘Hide’ or any other versions of the word doesn’t exist in his dictionary when it concerns you.

He will have the ability to make you giggle even when you are feeling your disgusted best. You have had a spat with someone and you haven’t eaten, you ask him what you should eat. You give him the options – toast or Maggi? He says “Maggi on toast”!

After a huge fight he will always walk back to you. As you will too. He won’t mind telling you that he can’t live without you in his life. Ego is not in love’s dictionary.

He might love red. But if you say you don’t like red sneakers, he will buy grey ones instead!

He won’t feel shy if he ever shows his vulnerable side to you.

He will join you in a ‘girly bitching session’ if that’s what you want. He will ‘bitch’ about ‘dumb family members’ to ‘idiotic friends’ to ‘the hunk who passed by’ to ‘the girl who had forgotten to thread her upper lips’!  He will be your best friend.

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