Book Review: In Love with Shah Rukh Khan by Ajitabha Bose

inlove with srk

Book: In Love with Shah Rukh Khan

Author: Ajitabha Bose

Publisher: Authors’ Ink Publications

Genre: A micro-novel fictional romance twirling around a Bollywood celebrity

In One Line: An amalgamation of a reel and a real love story.

Characterisation: When the number of pages is just 50, you can’t really get into an in-depth characterisation. ‎Despite that, the characters of Aanya – the girl who is a die-hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Vivaan – the flirt who ultimately falls for the female protagonist thereby discovering true love, have been etched decently by the writer. ‎They seem believable and normal. But their chemistry or their love for one another, could easily have been written more about. I guess, it wouldn’t remain a ‘pocket book’ anymore then!

Language: The language is simple and free flowing. It makes the read easy and also realistic. Sometimes bordering on mundane though. There is nothing extraordinary in the expressions. But that probably helps in depicting the two characters who are, like you and me, two normal people who we meet almost everyday in our lives.

Plot Setting: The story is primarily set in IMC Mumbai. But it could well have been set in any other college. Not much detailing has been given about the institute. However, the incidents that have been cited about batchmates doing projects together, sharing of lunches and group studies does make the college setting a believable one.

Book Cover Art: ‎The black and white sketch of the Bollywood hero matches with the title of the book. It is impressive.

Learning From The Story: I didn’t really learn much from the story but I did learn from the presentation of the book. Ajitabha Bose is awesome when it comes to creativity. And I’m not saying so because he has designed the cover of both my books. This book can teach an author a lot about presentation. While writers in the ‘author world’ is scratching their head with how to increase the work count from 33k to 50k, Bose goes ahead and gives us a ‘tiny’ book! That itself is attractive in its own way. A clap for him for daring to be different.

Areas Of Improvement: Many a times I have been labelled as being ‘snooty’ because my brows form a very prominent crease line when I hear or see incorrect usage of the English language. Be that grammar or spellings. I wish this book had better editing because (A couple of slips are permitted because fallacy of the eye is natural and very human. But anything more than that makes me frown!) my ‘brow crease’ formed quite a number of times (pages: 3,4,7,10,18,19…). Also, the Bollywood movie buff that I am, and having seen both ‘Guddi’ and‎ ‘Fan’, I knew what the ending would be!

What Is ‘Said By Not Saying’: ‎When something is destined to happen, it will. Miracles exist! Or maybe, when one concentrates on doing what he is passionate about then everything falls into place. How else would Vivaan who didn’t even have the requisite marks for the scholarship make it to Mumbai? It was only because of his photography that he did. The story also tells us that even though we all have a dream, often we don’t voice it in fear that we would be laughed at. But when we find true love, our dreams not only get known, but is also respected and even efforts of fulfilling it happens.

My Reaction When I Finally Closed The Book:  smiley - cool

A part of this smile is also because this is the first time an author has sent me his book to read and to enjoy!

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