Have Your Felt The Jolt?


Why is it that one person’s squeeze-the-breath-out-of-me hug feels brotherly. Ok at most friendly. And another’s barely-touch-the tip-of-my-little-finger’s-nail jolts the shit out of you? Is it all in the head? Hidden in the feelings? A hormonal reaction?

I am on a ‘hunt for an answer to this’ mission today.  Let’s see what answers some research reveals.

Sexual attraction can make us feel funny things. It makes the nerve endings tingle, make the hair on the back of our neck stand up, get goose bumps, break out in cold sweat as the heart beat rises, or feel the elusive butterflies in the stomach. Yup, this part I know. Supposedly it’s all because of energy creation! Diana Richardson in her book ‘The Love Keys‘ says that man and woman represent positive and negative nodes. And thus when these two opposite nodes meet there’s current. But my question here is, why doesn’t it happen with any man-woman contact? Why does it happen with some and not with others?

Dr. William Collinge writes in ‘Subtle Energy: Awakening to the Unseen Forces in Our Lives‘ that since kissing and intercourse involves contact with moist mucous membranes, it facilitates ‘energy’ to be conducted between the two bodies. Ugh! Not happening. Reason not accepted by me. There are reel kisses and the actors don’t feel a thing! What happens to all the moistness then?

American psychiatrist and psychologist, Rudolf von Urban said that it takes half an hour for one to ‘feel’ the jolt. Umm! Nopes! It is instantaneous. But here’s one thing that he said that makes sense to me. The current resonates not only superficially but deep inside when love is involved. He showed, through an experiment, that in a dark room when a medical doctor caressed his young Arabian bride, then the lady’s body was surrounded with a bluish green haze! Even without any sexual contact! Now this is interesting. At least it, in a way, goes beyond science.

And here’s love once again. J William Llyod, ‘In the Karezza Method’, a book that all about how best we can use our sexual energy, says that if we think ourselves to be electric batteries that are capable of transmitting electric current and thus touch such that we feel love, then a spark is bound to fly. The very important point to be noted here is that the touch has to be one of love. And somewhere the soul knows when it is love. So, no matter what explanation science gives, it is always, ultimately about a soul connection. No soul, no jolt!

My take? You want to feel that current? Your heart needs to first fall in love. And when you do, don’t rush into the sex and short circuit the route. Go slow. Enjoy the build up because the ‘electric current’ is distributed to all parts of your body. So let all organs feel it and not just your genitals. As Leil Lowndes writes in her book, ‘How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You’, a long stare makes many chemicals of our body rush through our veins which give us tingling sensations.

There really is no use having animal-like sex. it won’t give you any spark and will just lead to exhaustion. You want to experience real love? Real current? Go slow. Toaism very correctly says that quick ejaculation depletes a man of his vital energy because sperms carry ‘jing’ or the ‘life force’. But one can take time and not rush only when it is love that you are making. After all, only when there is the right emotion can there be a merging of energies.

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