Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

bswbestseller she write book review

Book: The Bestseller She Wrote

Author: Ravi Subramanian

Publisher: Westland 

Genre: A Bollywood type thriller

In One Line: Too much ambition will bringeth a downfall

Characterisation: I loved the two main characters. Shreya was so alive that I wanted to slap her every time she says “have you read my manuscript?” Aditya was slimy because he tries to justify ‘the act’, egoistic because he thinks he is the best writer, and very much a man because he gives in to his hormones – a believable character I would say.

However, the romantic scenes described between them is ‘thanda’. The author himself uses this term when he describes how Aditya’s writings on sex is very placid and boring. I felt the same about the author’s own writing as well. Just wondering if he deliberately kept it that way or does he feel uncomfortable writing about it as well? After all both the author and Aditya, the protagonist, are from IIM Bangalore and are bankers. Could it then be a reflection of the author’s own queasiness / inadequacy on writing such scenes?

The other characters have been decently developed and each one given their moment of glory at an appropriate time in the book. Even Vaishali Mathur! But why Kiwi Books? Don’t we know who she really is? Is mentioning the right publisher’s name not allowed because this one has been published by Westland?

An afterthought – who was the girl who Shreya wrote about in her book? It was a true story about whom? One part of me wondered if she was talking about herself! Maybe her character depiction would have been more palpable had it been so.

Language: Simple, crisp, direct. No messing around with unnecessary superfluous words. Small chapters helped maintain the pace of the book.

Plot Setting: ‎It starts at IIM Bangalore and ends at Mumbai. Marine Drive, Kemps Corner and ultimately the rain.  However, not much to talk about here. Most of it was either inside the office or within closed doors.

Book Cover Art: The two faces and the book is fine. But the man in the picture looks like such a ‘chocolate boy’! Aditya, the way his physical features and his persona is described definitely conjures up a more handsome and manly image.

Also, why add “Soon to be a motion picture?” This tag line irritated me a bit. It was not needed. Ravi is already a known author. His books sell. This one would have sold too even without it. Completely uncalled for addition on the cover. Since he has used the names of so many authors in this book; and Shreya, the female protagonist, keeps running after Aditya for his quote in her first book, I would have liked it much more had a quote been used instead. Would have made it different for sure!

How’s the Title: I liked the title. I kept interpreting the storyline differently because of the title. My mind kept telling me that the story will ultimately shape up like the Bollywood movie, “Bluffmaster”. Thank god it didn’t! And yet it did the title justice.

Is The Blurb Catchy: The storyline didn’t excite me too much when I read the blurb but one question in the end did – ‘Is it possible to love two people at the same time?’ And the answer that I had known before I started reading the book remains the same even after the read is over – NO. There’s always just one you can love. The rest is all “blind passion”.

I was pretty disappointed about the ‘romance’ bit though. The blurb promised some romance in the tale. But ultimately it was just one of deceit and forgiveness.

Learning From The Story: Loads of information shared about the publishing industry and methods for marketing of books. I have taken down my notes.

My second learning: It is alright to add names of books, authors, publishers, media personality and even quotes from other books in plenty! I did like the way ‘plagiarism will not be tolerated’ has been brought into the story line and all the various quotes from different books used.

Areas Of Improvement:  I once read an author saying that publishers want a ‘happy ending’ especially if it deals with relationships. Why? Is that always the case in real life? Are best selling authors scared to experiment? Or are they scared that they will lose the book deal? I was disappointed with the ending. Just because the husband apologises, says he is donating money, appears to pull up his socks; and just because the wife sees a video (no spoilers!), she forgives him and they hug and make up in the rain! Ugh!

Also, is this a children’s fairy tale? If not then what’s the logic behind, ‘the bad lose everything and the good get back everything’? Pretty unrealistic as far as I’m concerned.

And, this is the last one (and I am desperately trying to avoid a spoiler here): Can someone really be so embarrassed with his / her action that he / she ultimately gives up on the only dream that they have grown up having?

What Is ‘Said By Not Saying’: Men will always be attracted to boobs and asses. They will always fall prey to it if these are jingled right in front of their faces. They will always try and justify their act later on.

Indian wives will always be blind fools. They will always gulp down the trash that’s doled out to them. They will always take the husband back.

PYTs wanting to make it big and that too very quickly will use the art of seduction like a pro.

Friends will back stab if there’s a woman involved in the picture.

I don’t believe any of these. Honest men exist. I-wont-take-the-shit-anymore wives exist. Hardworking PYTS exist. Faithful friends exist.

My Reaction When I Finally Closed The Book:  frown - smiley 

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