The Soul’s Choice


We are always making choices in life. Then, I wonder, why not before that during the pre-conception stage as well? Does the child choose the DNA blueprint of the parents whom he wants to go to?

I’m sure there’s a lot of activity that goes on in the ether world before the child comes into the mother’s womb. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and, while the thoughts seem mysterious, it is plausible too. Only if you believe in such emotions though.

Such belief is not a new one though. It’s been there for years and existent through various cultures. For example, Plato said: “No divine guardian shall draw lots for you, but you shall choose your own guardian and destiny.” An African Yoruban legend says “Before you settle down on Earth, you must go to the place where guardians are created and select your protector.”

Imagine a scene where a soul’s time has come to get back to the mortal life. He is then given sheets of paper where he has to tick of check boxes based on what he wants to do and where he wants to be in his next life. Based on such choices cosmic charts are plotted and certain choices are given to him. He then chooses the family that he feels most drawn to. Since it’s mysterious it becomes a trifle difficult for us to fathom that this is even possible. But I’m starting to believe that this happens – the soul previews the life that he will come into before he enters the womb.

A soul comes to the Earth, not once but many times. Each time into a different body. The choice of the body that they make is based on the lessons that it wishes to learn. For example, in one life if two souls have been mother and child, in the next the soul might want a reversal. I believe, that once this choice is made, its energy hovers around the parent waiting for conception to happen. In this context, I’m sure, parents also have a significant influence on the soul that ultimately comes into the family – especially the mother. The thoughts of the would-be mother act like a magnetic field, attracting a certain life and not others.

What about miscarriage, I asked myself. Maybe the soul comes back at a later date? Maybe he comes back to another close family member or to a best friend?

And adoption? Maybe there’s a soul contract with the child and the foster parents. But, for some reason, he is born to someone else and then he waits till the connection on Earth is made. His contract with his birth parents is probably one of separation from the beginning. As for the foster parents, despite differences in DNA, the spiritual energy intermingled when the adoption happens.

This blog post of mine might make some wonder, might make some smile, and some might just snigger at it. The thought behind it was just to tell all of you out there that you are where you are because that’s where you chose to be when you had a choice. Your life here on Earth is an opportunity that was given to you and which you took up. So don’t waste it.

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4 thoughts on “The Soul’s Choice

  1. pakodaraman says:

    Should be the best and simple post I have ever read about birth, rebirth and connections. Maybe you should write another post explaining karma and its relation to the contractual space in the sentient world 🙂


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