Love Will Change You


Who says you can’t change. Who says that your inherent personality doesn’t ever change. It does. And only one thing makes it. Love.

Become More Positive

When you are in love everything around you will seem to be more beautiful. You will find positivity in people and in their actions. You will want to behave nicer towards others too. When you are happy, the surrounding also turns into a happy place. We smile for no reason and we ask people how their day is just so that when they ask us back we can tell them that we havn’t felt better.

Want To Become A Better Person

None of us are perfect. We all have flaws. But when we are in love we want to change ourselves for the one we love. We reduce smoking, we come back from work earlier so that we have time with our loved ones, we work on our anger and we curb our insecurities.

Become Distracted

No matter how hard we try, when love strikes, there will be moments when we get distracted. We will want to find time in the day when we can just think about him / her. And when his / message / call comes, then the task that we are trying to complete will slow down because the mind wants to think of the sender.

Want To Work Harder

If your love is a long term love then you will want to work harder so as to have a secure future ahead of you. After all a couple can’t live on air! So you will find yourselves together making plans of achieving all your career dreams.

Enjoy Life More

Your boring life will no longer be boring. You will want to enjoy life more. Simply because the one you love is with you. The daring acts of bungee jumping will seem to be fun and the mundane things of watching a movie together will become exciting. Such is love.

Act Weird

Suddenly our body doesn’t need sleep. We want to spend as much time as we can with him / her. Suddenly phone bills don’t matter. We want to call them all day. Suddenly we become selfie obsessed. We want to tell them what we are doing. Suddenly we want to see soccer with them instead of the Hindi soap even though we understand zilch of the former. Suddenly beer doesn’t taste like diluted bitter gourd juice anymore.

Turn Into A Bag Of Anxiousness

You become hyper sensitive when you fall in love. And so, you always want to know if he / she is safe or not. If messages / call don’t come on time you are reduced to a bag of anxiousness. You ask yourself why a logical thinking person has become so. The answer that you get is, it’s because you are in love. Care and concern go hand in hand.

Want To Take Risks

We are all scared of something or the other. But when we have the one we love beside us, something churns within us that makes us want to do risky things. Things that we never dreamt of doing before. It could be something as simple as staying out all night or something more risky as white water rafting.

Feel More Confident

You might be nervous of wearing skirts in public because you haven’t done so before. But if he tells you that you look good, you will go out in with and be an epitome of confidence too. Just an example. Love makes you more confident of yourself because your partner is always behind you supporting and encouraging you.

Become Calmer

You might be one who suffers from short temper, negative thinking, or depression. But love will calm down your nerves. Especially if you have a partner who is mature and has a lot of patience. He / she will hand hold you into stability.

I wrote all this and then asked myself – what happens if the ‘love’ ends? What happens when there’s a break up? Does the person go back to what he / she was prior to the ‘love struck’ period? Is the change not irreversible then? Or does he / she change even more? I will leave that for my next post. For now, I think, “change is the only constant” is the only truth.

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