The Hungry Kiss

hungry kiss

He grabbed her by the back of her neck and smashed his lips on hers.

There are so many types of kissing, ways of kissing, perfect moments when couples should kiss, benefits of kissing blah blah blah. Nothing matches up to the hungry kiss. It leaves you completely blank in the head. So much that you are even unable to even respond to the kiss.

The hungry kiss is probably one of the crudest and one of the most graceless ones. It shows the desperation blatantly. But that’s what probably makes it one of the most honest ones. There’s no show about it and it has no style. It’s needy, passionate and raw. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Why does it happen? The meeting is after so long that the senses can only think of having the person wrapped in his / her arms. And yet the moment is not opportune enough to do so. Hence even though the person is right there in flesh and blood, the wait continues. Thus, finally when the right moment arrives, the kiss that happens is the show of the myriad emotions – love, desire, the ‘I miss you’, ‘I want you’ and ‘I won’t ever leave you’.

What happens when the kiss is happening? While the toes curl and the breath deepens, you can’t miss the tear that’s forming in the eye. Even if they are closed they feel moist. It’s the emotion that comes with the calming of the nerves. The body feels light – as if all the tense muscles have suddenly given way. And the couple can’t do a thing other than give in to the hunger that’s coming from a place that much much deeper than the lips and the tongue.

By the way, next time you are entwined in a hungry kiss, don’t worry too much about why you are unable to tear off. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of desire and reward, produced in the ventral tegmental area of the brain, the same region affected by addictive drugs like cocaine, makes you feel addicted.

The sad part is, this addiction doesn’t happen easily – a hungry kiss can’t happen just like that. No matter how hard you try. There’s a lot more than a hormonal tug that’s needed to get you to kiss your partner with this kind of raw desire. But if you do get involved in one – then just carry on! If not for the sheer pleasure of it, it will help shape up your neck and jawline by working out a number of your facial muscles and it will help you to burn 8-16 calories too!

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