Fall In Love With Imagination


When we were kids we had the courage to dream. We didn’t live in a make-believe world, but we could weave happiness out of small things. When I saw my kid enjoying herself with Colgate’s Magical Sea World Collection, this was just reaffirmed. Why do we, the adult population, then feel scared to do so? And when we do, why do others finger point and label us as day dreamers?


Letting one’s imagination run wild, even if for a short period of time, actually has benefits. And that’s far more effective than solving maths sums is! A study has revealed that when we are day dreaming, or ‘creatively thinking’, as I like to put it, our brains are in a highly engaged state. Seeing the little one’s brows slightly creased as she carefully cut out the pictures to create her mermaid story proved the point for sure.


Also, in the same way that playtime involving imagination during childhood helps in the child’s cognitive development, it helps adults too. Not only does it keep the brain fresh but it also helps to enhance one’s memory. According to the American Psychological Association, imagination can actually help one who has suffered from brain injury.

Will you believe me if I told you that you should indulge in more creative time (the way I did today) because it will make you a more empathetic  person? Maybe the reason lies in the fact that when we indulge in imagination we are able to think of things that we haven’t experienced in real. This brings out different perspectives which helps us to understand other more.

There’s no doubt about the fact that imagination leads to self discovery. Harvard Medical School assistant clinical professor Dr. Srini Pillay, said that imagery not only helps to focus one’s attention by stimulating attentional networks in the brain but also helps to map one’s path to the achievement of his goal through a process that beyond the realms of conscious awareness. When I begun to imagine stories in my head I knew that someday I would want the world to know them too. It was my self-discovery to becoming a writer. As I saw my child setting up the pictures and getting herself ready to tell me her fantasy tale about the map and the mermaid, I thought that this is probably her path to self discovery too.  And when it comes with knowledge too, like Colgate’s set does about the marine world, then how can I, the parent complain?


Does the logical brain of yours need more reasons as to why you should imagine and not let it go? Here they are! Planning a party? Need to create a presentation for the client? Wondering how to end your book? Need to design a dress? What’s the next painting that you will paint? What food to cook to impress your husband? Or maybe, how about, what excuse do you give your boss the next time you are late? It’s all about imagination!

Imagination helps the mind to form mental images that can’t be perceived through the five senses. It manifests itself in various degrees in different people. But none are devoid of it. It helps one to travel to create a completely different world within the head which can take the focus away from anxieties and offer temporary calmness. Maybe too much daydreaming is not good. But a little bit? Why not!


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