Book Review: Lovers’ Rock by Ravi Bedi


sent by author for review

The book that I received was incorrectly bound. So after page 340, the initial pages had got bound again. Hence, I do not know how the story ended! The book review has been done nonetheless because the tale deserves it. 

Book: Lover’s Rock

Author: Ravi Bedi

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Genre: Thriller

In One Line: When love gets artistically revengeful

Characterisation: What is good about the characterisation of the two protagonists, Mani Shankar and Grace, is that neither of them have been shown as black or white. The fact that life is not really a bed of roses but rather, more often than not, a whole rigmarole of uncertainty and betrayals, is true. So the author has done well to harp on it. Grace, at times though, did appear to be very predictable. Just curious to know whether this was consciously done so or not.

However, I did feel that after the first half, the story was a little dragged out. It did get a little boring at points and I wanted to skip through some pages, to keep my attention focussed on the main track. Especially portions, for example, where Mani goes back to his new found love and then gets her to the ‘new home’. A little crisper in some sections would have made the tale more thrilling.

The tertiary characters, all had their roles etched out and they did play it pretty decently. However, when I asked myself, how many of these, if any, would become a memorable one, then only one name cropped up – the Gomez family. Maybe the fact that Grace pushes them away ungracefully enough, helped 🙂

Language: The narrative is easy to read and understand. The fact that he has not tried to make the story ‘literary’ by trying to add unwanted superfluous language is a positive. When someone is good with the language, that often happens. So keeping the ‘writing grounded’ so that readers can easily read and comprehend the flow, is a kudos to him.

Plot Setting: The plot of the story moves from one place to the other and from one situation to another. So what starts as a military scene, moves into Goa and the lives of people there to the art industry. Yes, it’s not possible for a writer to describe each location in detail, so the amount that the author has, is good enough.

Book Cover Art: The painting of ‘Lovers’ Rock’ plays a very important part in they story. So, while a picture of it, and the representation of the female protagonist on the cover page is apt, it might not be dramatic enough. The actual painting would have made it more appealing for sure. And different too.

How’s the Title: When an author writes a story, it can be about a whole lot of different plots and sub plots. Yet there will always be that one thing, something totally different, that will combine them together. The Lovers’ Rock is the ‘thing’ here. Hence, when that’s made into the title, there is nothing wrong that the writer has done. Could it be something else instead? Everything can be something else always! The ultimate choice is the writer’s though.

Is The Blurb Catchy: The blurb is catchy enough for the reader to want to read the book.

Learning From The Story: What 60s was like in Goa, I got a glimpse of it through this story. Some of the descriptions have been painted well.

Areas Of Improvement: While some parts have been written about in great depths, some have been a little too quick. For example, for someone who was having a ball of a time with her life, a sudden spurt of what can be termed as a kind of jealousy was a little unbelievable.

What Is ‘Said By Not Saying’: Money talks like none other.

My Reaction When I Finally Closed The Book: interesting-smiley

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Lovers’ Rock by Ravi Bedi

  1. Ravi Bedi says:

    Thank you. I totally agree with you about the cover. My own choice was to have that painting as the cover. But Rupa Publications didn’t allow us to use our own design, and offered two choices to select one.
    You didn’t know how the story ended? I sent you the last chapter, which was missing from that piece of shit sent by Amazon!
    Have a nice day.


    • Aditi Bose says:

      Pity that these big names don’t want to think beyond the norm. 😦

      Yup! I don’t know the end yet 🙂 That mail did not turn up. Here’s the ID again……Or maybe send it through FB messenger

      Mistakes happen. It is alright. And…please….don’t call your own creation shit (which indirectly your last comment reads as) just because a few pages went missing.

      Liked by 1 person

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