Book Review: A Way Back Into Love by Veronica Thatcher


Book: A Way Back Into Love

Author: Veronica Thatcher

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Predictable romance

In One Line: Friends to lovers to happily-ever-after in a span of fifteen years

Characterisation: There are some side characters, of which, I felt that the father is the most prominent one even though the sister has been given greater limelight. Through her writing, the author has reflected reality thus – the one hogging all the attention is not always the most important one. However, the story is not about the supporting characters. It is all about the two friends Emily Stevens and Derek Thorpe. The author, while playing with time jumps, has built their relationship decently. There remains a great scope for depth though. For instance, even when they have become doctors, they still behave quite like a teenager. This makes them appear a little unbelievable and 2D!

Language: Simple language that syncs in with the flow of the story. It is meant to be a quick read – the language adequately contributes.

Plot Setting: A lot of the plot setting is inside the hospital. Hence it does not really matter where the hospital is located. However, for the portions where the geographical locations have been mentioned, there seems to be a lot of here and there happening. Would have definitely liked it had the author set aside some portions where the locale was described amidst conversations between the various characters. It would have contributed to the visualisation.

Book Cover Art: I have a penchant for book covers that go beyond the usual. With the couple’s silhouette in the backdrop of a starry night, this one was cute. But not eye grabbing. If I saw this book on the shelf, and given that she is a debutante author, I would not really look at it twice. On the other hand, had the cover been, say, two cartoon figures (the book is a light read so having cartoon figures would be fine) dressed in a doctor’s outfit in the centre of the cover with various synonyms of friendship and love surrounding them in the shape of a heart, I might have picked it up from the shelf to read the blurb.

How’s the Title: I liked the title. It amply said what the reader could expect from the read and the book delivered thus as well.

Is The Blurb Catchy: The blurb is straightforward and simply written. It does not come across as superficial and flowery. That goes with the essence of the book.

Learning From The Story: The story has a lot of information about hospitals, emergencies and what doctor’s do. The author is a doctor herself! Shows that when you write on a subject that you know well, you can put in a lot of intricate details.

Areas Of Improvement: The book jumps places – from Boston to Fresno. At times, it was confusing to know where exactly the story was playing out.

Both sisters were named very similar. Both started with the letters “Em”. This was quite distracting and made me often go back and re-read a few sentences to know who was actually saying it. Given that this is a quick and flirty read, this going backward often hampered the tempo of the tale.

SPOILER ALERT: I love reading love stories the way kids love chocolates. And i love analysing character acts after the read is done. For this one, i had an issue with the main crux of the story, which says that the male protagonist completely forgot that he had made love to the female protagonist simply because he was drunk.This is a tad too unbelievable. One cannot have complete amnesia about this.

What Is ‘Said By Not Saying’: The deepest of bonds can get spoilt because of lack of communication. If the person means something to you, don’t let that happen. The protagonists in the tale got chances to make amends. Real life often does not offer those.

My Reaction When I Finally Closed The Book: smile - smiley   

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