Book Review: Love Has Its Various Ways by Divya Kapoor

Book:  Love Has Its Various Ways

Author: Divya Kapoor

Publisher: Balboa Press

Genre: Help-the-Self  Self Help Book

In One Line: Embrace uncertainties with belief and fortitude

Language: Although the language has been kept simple, it has a didactic tone to it. So, at places, the read becomes a little monotonous. In self-help books, I feel, the author has to put in greater effort to keep the read both informative and entertaining  and not make it sound like a sermon.

The book also has quite a few grammatical errors. For example:

– page xiv – “I cried, I shouted, and the world around me shattered” – shattered is too a strong word for the follow up sentences that talk about how her life was not going as per her plan.

– page xiv “now I had two options either to deal with all the hidden issues which I had protected for long or keep going on the same way.”. – no commas.

-page xv “leave everything for once and for all” – it should be “leave everything once and for all”.

The author has come up with some good quotes of her own though. The two that I liked were:

– “Challenge is to attain peace while sitting in the chaos.”

– “Emotions which have been suppressed for years tend to surface and want to be heard and dealt.”

The book also has a workbook toward the end which has been thought of with good intentions in mind. If any of you have tried it then I would love to hear about your experience about it and whether it helped you or not.

Book Cover Art: ‘Love’ in this book has a two-fold interpretation. The first is love for God and the second is love for the self. Given this premise, the multicoloured backdrop, has a reverential feel to it and the dancing girl is an apt reflection of a person who loves herself. A thumbs up to the cover.

How’s the Title:  When I read the title first I thought it was a book that would talk to various forms of love through the medium of various relationships or would be a book that talks of ways one can secure love. So, the fact that the book deals more with finding love within oneself was a little misleading. Maybe a sub-tag to the title would have made it more clear.

Is The Blurb Catchy: (I read the e-book that did not have a blurb)

Learning From The Story: 1. Heisenberg theory that says that everything is a particle and a wave is an interesting theory that I would like to read more on.

2. The book says that if you find yourself waking up at an ungodly hour at night, every night, then that is, in fact, the ‘God’s hour’. It is a time of the night when the mind is the calmest and the connect with the Lord happens and also answers that one is seeking is got. I don’t know about God’s Hour, but yes, I have experienced this and it was good know that there is logic in this. A definite ‘find out more about this’ for me.

Areas Of Improvement: Most definitely the grammar and punctuations is an area that the author should focus on.

What Is ‘Said By Not Saying’: if your life is awry, don’t think that it will solve out on its own. Have he courage to face it and find solutions to it.

My Reaction When I Finally Closed The Book:    

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