Life is Goofy – Laugh!

Stress, anxiety, unhappiness, worry. Haven’t we all just had too much of it? Nodding your head, eh? I am too – rocking in the same boat as the rest of you out there. This is why I have decided to let some humour enter my life. Hence this post on the various “That Moment When” which I have lately faced. It resulted in some giggles from within me. Maybe it will hep you to smile a little too.

Do share your “That Moment When” with me because it is time that we all indulged in some happiness.

#ThatMomentWhen  continue sewing despite the pin prick pain on your shoulder and the needle pricks your thumb. Damn! Which prick is more irritatingly painful, I’m still wondering.

#ThatMomentWhen you have just finished the ice-cream and you realise that you were so looking forward to it that you didn’t click a picture of it for Instagram.

#ThatMomentWhen you realise that your hair has grown long and you have to decide – keep it growing just incase you get locked up in a tower or cut the damned thing off because it’s sweaty and hot.

#ThatMomentWhen just before the exams the school WhatsApp group buzzes so much that you are sure that it would win against the bee in a buzzing contest.

#ThatMomentWhen you are so angry and don’t know how to overcome it that you vehemently chew fennel seeds (ok ‘saunf’ for the uninitiated) for ten minutes so that the mind gets diverted to the jaw pain instead.

#ThatMomentWhen you wonder if global warming has gone haywire or not because it’s snowing in Delhi and yet it’s so hot; only to realise that its cotton and not snow that the eyes have been seeing.

#ThatMomentWhen you see the picture of a creepy crawly on your phone and you throw the phone. Thankfully you were on the bed and so the throw was cushioned.

#ThatMomentWhen you have just finished telling kiddo that the eyes turn red after a swim because of the chlorine in the water and immediately after that you scroll FB to see that it happens because of the urine in the water and not the chlorine! Ugh!

#ThatMomentWhen you are about to jump off the bed and run to the door because you think that an earthquake is happening and then you figure that it’s just kiddo rubbing a spelling mistake from her notebook!

#ThatMomentWhenYou are swimming and you decide to have a baby turtle as your pet.

#ThatMomentWhen you look at the cough medicine and then, to celebrate summer, you put ice in the cold drink – the bad throat can go to hell!

#ThatMomentWhenYou are thirsty and no water is available – accumulate spit in the mouth and then gulp it down as if it were ambrosia.

#ThatMomentWhenYou have so much on your to-do list that all that you ultimately land up doing is to look at the clock and check on your pulse – feeling an uncanny calmness that the pulse rate is still under control.

#ThatMomentWhenYou are so TIRED that the T and D get angrily thrown out of the window and only the IRE remains.

#ThatMomentWhenYou are so bored that you count the number of circles that the pillow cover has. Then find the ratio of the shaded vs the unshaded ones. Then think whether you should try and measure their radii just to check whether they are identical or not. Then abuse the circles for not being multicoloured simply because then they might have looked like bindis. Finally proclaim the peaking of boredom when you begin to imagine them to be spherical abacus beads.

#ThatMomentWhenYou wonder why the plural of mango is not ‘men-go’!


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