Book Review: Super Couples by Prachi Garg

Book: Super Couples

Author: Prachi Garg

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Genre:  Non fiction ‘coupled’ with love

In One Line: Stories of couples who have coupled up to start a business and yet remained couples

Concept of the Book: Can’t really analyse this book based on characterisation. But it does have a lot of character. That too real life ones. I liked the fact that the the author has written about ventures from different  fields like the flower  a business, art  technology etc. This shows that with the right attitude couple ventures can flourish in any field. It definitely does inspire. Added to this was the couple picture at the beginning of each chapter. Visual appeal always promotes. This one did too.

Language: A few grammatical mistakes here and there but nothing major. the language, in general, remains easy to comprehend throughout the book. However, in many a places similar notions of what kept the couple together and how they made it big has been written about. It could be that the basic crux of couple based entrepreneurial start ups is more or less the same, however, when it comes to writing, that is where the author’s word play becomes crucial. I would have liked it had the read been a little more peppy and interesting.

Book Cover Art: In a word, the cover was cute. But I did not understand the meaning behind the coffee cups. Was it trying to give the same message that CCD gives? – “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”.

How’s the Title: When I read the title I thought that the book would focus more on the word ‘coupled’. That is, I felt that it would deal more with how the husband-wife duo managed their business and personal space, their bickering, their love etc. While this, in some of the stories, has been touched upon, the focus has remained more on a journalistic report of the business, how it began etc. The lack of personal touch, I felt, made the title a little misleading. it was the tagline that made up for this a little though.

Is The Blurb Catchy: The blurb does its job just fine. It says what it has to and enough of it that too such that when a reader gets himself the book, he would know what he is about to read.

Learning From The Story: Here’s one for all you shopaholics out there – CashKaro gives 30 percent extra cash back from certain collaborated brands like Amazon.

Areas Of Improvement: These are not really AOIs but more of what I felt could have added more punch to the book.

– A quote from the couple at the beginning of each book that summarised the reason behind the success of their business. For example; humility and perseverance made BoringBrands do well while CashKaro cashed on respecting each other’s independence and intelligence.

– It’s never really a rosy picture all the way. So how about a chapter in the end that talks of a few couple ventures that begun with a lot of promise but fizzled out? To this may be added the reasons why they did not work out.

What Is ‘Said By Not Saying’: Love is not always about getting mushy. It is about being each other’s fortress of strength, despite the fights that might happen.

My Reaction When I Finally Closed The Book:   

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