10 Ways You Can Bring Her Anger Down


The relationship is sealed. You are officially now a couple. Congratulations because that means you are ready to deal with your girl’s anger as well (yea that happens!) No? You are not? You are one of those who thought life would pass you by as you wore your rose -tinted glasses? Damn! Well, these are ways you could bring her anger down. Did you just ask whether these were sure shot ways? Nope! They aren’t. Just like nothing else is. By what have you go to lose? You came to the table knowing nothing. So, you might as well see if these work.

Show Of Affection

Women like being shown affection and that does not mean sex. Hold her hand and say sorry. If she’s angry because of someone else and not you, then, after she’s spoken of her woes, hug her. Take her for a drive and then go to a cozy cafe where you can sit together and enjoy a cup of coffee amidst some arm-over-the-shoulder. Yes. You are getting the flow. She needs some PDA and some CDDA (for the uninitiated, that’s closed door display of affection) to get her to simmer down.

Give Her Your Time

Her anger could be because you seem to have time for everything but her. How to get her non-angry? Dude, the trick is very simple. Just give her more time. And if, for a change, you are not the culprit behind her wrath, then too, the time trick works. It might involve a lot of jaw-pain (because you will be talking aplenty to make her understand and also helping her with a solution) but, I’m sure, her smile, will be worth it.

Listen To Her Woes 

Often, your lady-love will feel angry and irritable simply because you don’t listen to her. Not normally, and not even when there is something that is troubling her. If she shares with you, your mind is elsewhere and she understands that. Else, you listen and then make light of the situation, become verbally sarcastic, or simply shrug your shoulder and say that you can’t help it if she feels that way. Don’t do that. Yea, you don’t want a whiny partner, but if she is troubled, the least you can do is to hear her. Maybe she’s not even looking for a solution from you but just a source where she can share it all without the fear of being judged.

Be Sensitive To Her Insecurity

Insecurity makes a woman very angry. You might feel that her insecurity is baseless, but if she still is, then I’m sure that she is important enough for you to hold a conversation with her and put her at ease. An ‘I love you’ or an I-will-meet-anger-with-anger usually don’t work. Rather, if there is someone who is making her insecure, and you know that there is nothing to be so, then, for example, making her meet that person might help. And if her insecurity does have reason, then it’s time for you to decide who is more important in your life. You can’t have it all.

Stay Calm

Fights can happen and when they do anger and hurt results. As kids we were taught a very good thing – when one is angry then he other stays calm. Yup, it’s extremely tough to follow through. But what choice do you have when your lady love is boiling. Abusive her back – physically or verbally – I’m hoping, are not choices that you use.

Don’t Just Walk Away

If your girl is annoyed with you or with someone / something else then don’t just tell her that she needs to deal with it and then go silent on her. Firstly, communication helps. Secondly, you are the one who is her partner. You are supposed to be there for her. And that includes the happy-sex times and also the i-hate-the-world times. Yea, there’s a huge probability that she will shout at you too (for your fault or for no fault of yours) – please put your ego aside and bear with her instead of increasing it by shouting back.

Don’t Point A Finger At Her

How many times has she been annoyed because of a fight that the two of you have had and because you have just failed to understand her side of the story? Why is it always about you? Why is it that whatever you are doing is supposed to be right? Why is it that you always point the finger at her saying that she starts off the fights? How about thinking who provides the reason for the argument? For a change can you hold your reigns and and yourself if you and your behaviour is causing the disagreements or not? Don’t be so full of self pride.


The male ego prevents the man from saying sorry. But if she is angry because of some fault of yours, then genuinely apologise to her. Why do you find it so difficult to say the sorry word? Why can’t you just tell her that you miss her and that you need her back? If it is the ego that you hold so dear, and what she feels doesn’t really matter that much to you, then you should be man enough to make a decision and not play around with her or her emotions any further. It is better to break up rather than get into constant tiffs where she is always the one trying to patch up even though your attitude is what’s causing the trouble.

Appreciate Her

Please don’t take her for granted. Don’t think that she will always be around, no matter what you do. Appreciate her and the fact that she cares about you so very much. If she asks you whether you have eaten, get a little irritable at your smoking habit, get angry when you drink too much etc., don’t get annoyed and make snide remarks. Know that women do his only if they truly care for the man. Don’t think she’s babying you, is being possessive, or is snooping around. Rather, a show of thank you in the form of a surprise hug, a kiss in the forehead, or a squeeze of the hand would do. And should be done.

Don’t Lie

Truth is the crux of a relationship. So, do not lie. Make that your mantra. Because if you are caught doing so, she is likely to be more hurt than angry. And you are likely not to be given another chance. Did you say your lady gave you a chance? Damn you if you are still doing things that hurts her and gets her annoyed. You truly don’t deserve her. You might as well rot in hell.


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