When you love him enough to walk away

I just saw a video on Facebook which said that often a relationship, that once was based on love, breaks because A gives to B what she wants and not what B desires, and vice versa. For example, A might be giving gifts to B while what B desires is time. While this is not completely untrue, it is not completely true either. There are times when one of the partners give all that they have and yet the relationship fails.

If you are going through such a time, here’s what I have to say to you – please walk away while you still love him. Walk away while you can still remember the good times that you have spent with him. Walk away while the chord just has a few knots and is not ablaze. Walk away before everything become dust. And when you do, please don’t blame yourself or your partner for the relationship that went awry. Sometimes it is just not meant to be.

You will hurt and you will pain. Feel it and allow yourself time for the ache to heal. You need not to be in a relationship to feel complete and neither do you have to force yourself to not be in one.

Here is some food for thought for you…

1. You are blessed if you have experienced love. There is no feeling more special than the one of love.

2. Unrequited love exists and if you have gone through one you will know how heart wrenching it can be.

3. When you see your relationship is getting entangled with negativity, it is good to take some time off and analyse whether it is, afterall, worth the effort.

4. You will know when you can’t make the relationship work anymore. Please walk away with dignity instead of forcing yourself and your partner to stick on.

5. When you feel broken you will not be able to give your best. When you see this happening you need to get out of the toxicity.

6. Don’t break up just because the first fight has happened. But do have the courage to face the truth and move on when you find that n-number of talks and discussions are not improving the relationship and is, rather, just zapping you of all your energy.

7. Know that your heart will both build and break. Learn from. It and embrace it. And if you find yourself constantly in a sticky situation, then it’s likely that the relationship that you are in, is not going to have a fairy tale ending. That doesn’t make your partner and you bad human beings. It just makes the both of you together ‘not-right’.

8. You might love him for as long as you are alive. But no one said that he would too, in return. There are so many things that we wish for in life. All don’t come true. Please don’t damage your emotions anymore by trying to fix something that was never meant to be.

9. Don’t blame yourself for falling so deeply in love with a person just because it did not work out. You cannot build a fortress around yourself and even if you do, even the strongest barrier will be broken if you are meant to fall in love with him. Yes, it’s a cosmic equation that you cannot evade. I believe so.

10. You will hurt immensely when you walk away. You will feel raw. It is ok to feel so. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. But appreciate those who stand by you and genuinely show concern and want to help you out.

11. If he does come back, don’t get back together just because you have been unable to get over him. Know that people don’t change. So, the chances of similar situations cropping up is high. Ask yourself whether you are prepared to deal with it again.

12. Believe that fairytale endings exist. Because they do.

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