No One Ever Dies

When one loses a loved one, the fact of his going away is bad enough – accepting that the inevitable has happened takes a long time. At that point if one were to say that although the bodily functions of the one who has gone away had stopped and the cells of his body has begun to do what is called ‘self digesting’ (decomposition), he is still alive, then his loved ones are sure to look at me with awe, or with disgust. But, what I say is true.
What if we were to think of the passing game away from the perspective of physics instead of biology?
Here goes the explanation:

1. The human body is made  up of two things – matter and energy. The latter, in turn, is both electrical and chemical.  Did you know that at one point in time the human body releases roughly 20 watts of energy. For those wondering how much this is – this is equivalent to the energy needed to light a bulb.  We get this energy from food – the food that we consume gives us chemical energy which is then transformed into kinetic energy. It is his kinetic energy that helps us to move about.
2. The human body is an open system as far as ecosystems are concerned. We gain energy by eating and we give off energy through waste or heat.
3. The universe is closed – no energy is ever destroyed. Thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The only thing that energy does is that it changes states.
4. Einstein has told us that matter and energy is the same thing – ‘Mass-Energy Equivalence’ states that mass is concentrated energy.
With these four points in mind, when a person passes away, the atoms that he is composed of, will, at best, change. But, none will ever be destroyed. 
So, when you lose a loved one – grieve – but know that the one who has gone has just been removed from your reality. Dying is fulfilling of the pact that is signed when a soul is being born. The time of his departure is set right then. No one goes before or after that. Death is hence never sudden and nor a mistake. And just like birth, some deaths and difficult and some easy. Thus, some cultures, treat death with celebration.
When the process of dying begins his energy starts to get transformed and transferred from his current reality to the next destination. His higher self creates the situations that is needed for his departure. This transformation happens suddenly in some and very slowly in others.
So, when a person has gone, he hasn’t really gone. He just doesn’t exist in the reality that we perceive. He is around in a different energy form. So, he is not there only in our memories, but in another reality as well. It might just be that the sudden cold rush of air that you feel sweeping over your body, or the sudden buzzing sound that you hear in your ears is your loved one saying hello to you.
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