“I like to challenge myself and not be typecast” says author Natasha Diddee

Natasha Diddee’s book ‘Foursome’ is out with Notion Press. She is also a trained cook. She  lost her entire stomach to a tumour which led her to heal herself through food. Interviewing her gave me immense happiness. She’s charming and an extremely tough lady. On Women’s Day, I feel, she was the perfect person for me to interview.  

Aditi:If I asked you “who are you”; what would you say?

Natasha Diddee: I am Natasha Diddee. I’m a classically trained chef, author and the alter ego of @thegutlessfoodie on Instagram

Aditi: If food is your first love then why did you take to writing?

Natasha Diddee: I like to challenge myself and not be typecast. People expect me to write a cookbook. That’s predictable. I wanted to be the opposite and so I wrote a novel to be exactly that….. Novel

Aditi: What would you say is the most fragile relationship in this world?

Natasha Diddee: The one that you have with yourself. The number of times we break, mend, break again…We’re all fragile but also resilient. We get back up and it’s the only relationship that doesn’t depend on someone else.

Aditi: Fiction is never really completely fiction. What is the truth in your story that you have witnessed in your life?

Natasha Diddee: Fiction is always loosely based on fact just in my case, I added preservative-free masalas to spice up the book. And a good writer is like a good journalist who never reveals the source. You’ll just have to wonder like everyone else.

Aditi: What was the most difficult part of writing this book?

Natasha Diddee: Finishing it. I had this book in me for over a decade. It felt like the end of an era. It felt like my baby was graduating. It was hard to let go.

Aditi: Since this book is about friendship, tell the readers what friendship means to you.

Natasha Diddee: I have very few friends. I have many acquaintances but very few friends and I cherish those friendships dearly.

Aditi: Who is your best friend – what kind of a relationship do you share with him/her?

Natasha Diddee: My partner Bengt is my best friend. We share a loving, trusting and warm relationship

Aditi: Do you think people really understand the meaning of love in today’s world?

Natasha Diddee: I frankly don’t know a good answer to this question. Simply because what is love to me could be different for someone else. Everyone interprets love differently. Some people go their entire lifetimes without finding love. Some people go through many relationships to find the one. It wouldn’t be my place to answer this except that I found love, true love in today’s world.

Aditi: You have gone through a huge change in your life. Where or from whom did you get your strength from?

Natasha Diddee: Whilst my parents and partner were my strengths, I also drew great strength from myself. It’s important to believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, why should you expect others to?

Aditi: How did food help you in your healing journey?

Natasha Diddee: I had to relearn to eat. I had to listen to my body and reprogram what I had been conditioned to know. I chose to listen to my body and healed myself through food.

Aditi: Those battling hardships in life – what would your message to them be?

Natasha Diddee: I would say what I believe: Don’t dwell in the past, you don’t live there anymore. Don’t fret about the future, coz no one’s seen tomorrow. Live today in the present. Because the present is another word for gift. Die another day.

‘Foursome’ is currently available on Notion Press bookstore, Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce sites. 


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