“The book is helping readers find inner peace”, says author Rajiv Grover

Rajiv Grover, the author of ‘God Won’t Help’ says “writing a book can be very mentally exhausting but the thought that it can help a lot of people is one of the the biggest motivation”.

Aditi: Who has been your inspiration when it comes to writing?

Rajiv Grover:  The sad demise of a 14-year-old daughter of a friend was the trigger. I helped my friend get out of depression. I thought if I could help him, why not so many others? Also, since I was a kid, I was fascinated by all things spiritual, the mysteries of the universe, life after death and have also explored and read a lot of spiritual and religious scriptures. I wanted to share the learnings of my life and also the teachings of our Upanishads and other religious books and scriptures in a simple language with everyone.

Aditi: What’s makes this book special to you?

Rajiv Grover: The fact that it is helping people find their inner peace and happiness and satisfactorily answering a lot of their questions.

Aditi: How did MBA and fashion designing both happen?

Rajiv Grover: Actually, I have done a fashion marketing course and not designing. I did not want to restrict myself to the field of fashion only, so I pursued a MBA post my fashion marketing course.

Aditi: Despite being a CEO how did you get to writing?

Rajiv Grover: I have contributed to business magazines and newspapers in the past, so in a way, I have a passion for writing. Add to that the interest in all spiritual, religious scriptures and the mysteries of the workings of God and the universe got me into writing.

Aditi: Do you like writing articles more or books?

Rajiv Grover: Both. Though I have written many articles in the past, this is my debut book. Writing a book can be very mentally exhausting but the thought that it can help a lot of people was the biggest motivation to keep writing and completing the book.

Aditi: Do you think there is anything similar in running a business and writing?

Rajiv Grover: In a way yes, both are your babies, you want them to do well. The difference from my perspective would be that in business, one’s objective is to make money, in case of the book, I want it to be read by more and more people and benefit as many as possible, the money is a byproduct. 

Aditi: What is your book all about? Summarise it in a couple of sentences.

Rajiv Grover: The book takes you on a spiritual journey towards joy, happiness, inner peace and self-motivation. It is a karmic and spiritual guide which is relevant to today’s times and helps to find the answer for the most pertinent question —what is the purpose of life?

Aditi: How did you choose the book cover design? What does it symbolize?

Rajiv Grover: I was helped by my publishers. The design symbolizes that God won’t answer our call for help but has always been giving his blessings. which are there for us to take or reject.

 Aditi: Are all the characters and incidents of this story fiction or have semblances of truth from your life? 

Rajiv Grover: The messages in the book are partly inspired by life and partly by religious scriptures. I must say that a lot of anecdotes and analogies are from practical experience of my own life and also people I have interacted with. The characters in the book are all fictitious. A few examples have been inspired from the Bhagwat Gita, the Bible and teachings of Buddha, Swami Vivekananda and Kabir.

Aditi: Does this story come with a learning?

Rajiv Grover: Yes, immense learning. From the emails I am getting from my readers, the book is helping them answer a lot of their questions and is helping them find their inner peace.

Aditi: Create a one-liner catchy advertising message for your readers to promote your book.

Rajiv Grover: In addition to the above summary about the book, I will quote what the Hindustan Times has written for my book — ”Rajiv Grover’s book will handhold you to become a ‘demi-theist’ and live life like there’s no god to blame.”


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