Hama-Guri Learns about Shapes

Hama-Guri ran into the house. He had just back from school but ws still full of energy. His mother knew why. This happened every time he learnt something new. He loved to share it with his mother and explore more about it.

“Good afternoon mumma!” He exclaimed, his face beaming. “You know what the teacher taught us today?”

“Tell me Hama. I want to learn too.” She smiled back at her son. His excitement was infectious.

“She showed us a chess board and said ‘This is a square’ and then a pizza bread and said ‘This is a circle’.”

“How interesting.” His mother replied. She knew what was coming next. But she was prepared for it. And it would be fun discovering with him too.

“She showed us a few more. But mumma when I asked her about more, she said ‘More tomorrow’. Mumma can we do it now?”

“Now?” His mother gave her son a tight hug. “No not now Hama. But once your lunch is done we surely can. It will be a lot of fun indeed1 we can look around in the house and then go out into the fields too.”

Hama was overjoyed. He couldn’t wait to begin his new adventure. He gobbled up the chicken roast and the noodle soup in no time and was ready for his exploration to begin. But mothers would always be mothers. She made him wait for an hour more because she had to eat too and he had to get fresh. Once all this was done they were both ready for the journey to begin.

“So how do we begin Hama?”

“From the kitchen?” Hama asked rhetorically. He loved it when his mother allowed him to take the lead.

“Great! Let’s go. I hope you have all your shapes ready.” Hi mother replied as they strode into the kitchen.

“Yes mumma.” Hama replied showing off his school book where he had drawn and then neatly coloured all the shapes. “Mumma you sit here and let me search.” He added, his tone very grown up.

And in no time the kitchen table was filled with variety of things. His mother was immensely pleased at how well her son had done.

“Mumma now see. I will show you.” Hama-Guri said, unable to contain his excitement anymore. He showed a banana and said “Crescent!” Then came an egg, “Oval!” And then a chocolate paper, “Rectangle!” And then a question as he held up a strawberry. “Mumma can we call this a heart?”

His mother looked at it. She had never seen it that way before. It did look like a heart. It was amazing. “Yes Hama! You can! And even I did not know about it. This is so wonderful.”
Hama-Guri was very happy. He picked up a piece of peppercorn and cried, “Mumma, circle.”
His mother thought. He hasn’t learnt about a sphere but I should teach him. So she took the peppercorn in her hand and said, “No Hama. This is a sphere. A circle is flat.”

Hama nodded and then asked, “But what about the others mumma?’

“I think I can get a few for you.” She replied smiling as she got up to open the refrigerator door.

She took out a lady’s finger and a star fruit. Then cut it into pieces and asked Hama to come and see.

He was thrilled. “Mumma this lady’s finger piece is a pentagon and this star fruit piece is a star!

How wonderful! I have so much to tell my teacher at school tomorrow.”

His mother smiled at him. “So are we done?”

“No mumma. There are a few still to go.”

“I guess we will have to go out into the fields then to look for them.” His mother replied.
Soon they were out of the house and into the farmland. It was early evening but the summer sun was still nice and bright.

“Hey Hama, I can see something in the sky.”

Hama looked up and his face was filled with glee. “A diamond shaped kite. Yippie!”

“And here is something too.” Hama-Guri’s mother said opening the umbrella.

“An umbrella?’ Hama-Guri replied scratching his head. A little confused.

“Look harder Hama. Count the number of sides.”

“Sides? Hmm. Alright mumma.” And he counted. Full of concentration. Then he looked up and exclaimed at the top of his voice. “Octagon! Thank you Mumma!”

“And these are the last two” His mother said, as she sat down on the green grass and opened a foiled packet.

“Triangle sandwiches! And?”

“This.” She replied as she piled on some homemade strawberry ice cream onto a cone and gave it to him.

“A cone!” He grinned as he bit into his sandwich and licked on the ice cream. “But Mumma we haven’t seen a semicircle yet”

“Hmm. His mother thought hard as she munched on one of the sandwiches herself. Her son sure made her think hard. It took her a few minutes and then suddenly hit on the idea. “For that Hama we will have to wait for rainy day when the sun’s shining hard.”

“Why?” He asked.

“A rainbow is semicircle in shape.” She smiled. “And if you don’t want to wait for so long let’s go in and I will show you what a protractor is.”

Hama smiled back at his mother as he put the remaining cone into his mouth. This adventure was one of the best he had ever had.

• Think out of the box – make learning more fun for kids
Things to teach:
• About different shapes
• Colours too can be a taught. For example banana is crescent and yellow

Fun activity:
• Go for a nature walk and find your own shapes in flowers and leaves
• Try and make a story out of shapes. For example a Christmas tree is conical, the gifts are cubes, the cookies kept for Santa are circles etc.

• Cut out various shapes and make a drawing out of it. For example a camel can be made of only rectangles or a fish out of ovals and triangles.

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