Book Reviews

book rewvies on blog

There’s a reason why I have never officially reviewed a book despite being an avid reader. Yes, I have told my friends what I thought of a book and might have even written a sentence or two on various social media sites; but I have never done a full fledged book review. This is because I have always felt that even if the ultimate product is something which I didn’t like, it is a creation. And who am I to criticise creation?

I guess being an author myself  I know how difficult it is to turn ideas into words and then write it all down. I know that everyone who has ever written a book has toiled over it for months. And because they are passionate about it they keep going  back to the laptop (or for the very few, the pen and the paper) time and again to tell yet another tale, and then yet another one. Should I then be criticising their hard work? Should I point a finger to their passion?

Then, I thought: I am someone else too. I am the reader. So, I have the right to speak out when I read something that is pathetic. I have the right to speak out when I read something gorgeous. I have the right to applaud a first time writer for his efforts. I have the right to rip apart ‘bestsellers’. I have the right to appreciate new story lines that dare to be different. I have the right to yawn at the staid ones.

So this is what I shall do from now on – exercise my right and be brutally honest when I do so, without, of course, going against the Constitution of the land!