When you love him enough to walk away

I just saw a video on Facebook which said that often a relationship, that once was based on love, breaks because A gives to B what she wants and not what B desires, and vice versa. For example, A might be giving gifts to B while what B desires is time. While this is not completely untrue, it is not completely true either. There are times when one of the partners give all that they have and yet the relationship fails.

If you are going through such a time, here’s what I have to say to you – please walk away while you still love him. Walk away while you can still remember the good times that you have spent with him. Walk away while the chord just has a few knots and is not ablaze. Walk away before everything become dust. And when you do, please don’t blame yourself or your partner for the relationship that went awry. Sometimes it is just not meant to be.

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“You’re my dream come true…My one and only you”

I was speaking to my cousin last night. He said two things two me. I have known it. But hearing it again, it hit me. Quite hard.

1. You can’t ever force someone to choose you over another.

2. When we are at a crossroad, and we have to decide, we choose that which we feel closer to.

When two people are in a relationship, it is unlikely that they will always be doing things together. They will have different likes, different friend circles etc. This said, the question that’s still plaguing my mind is – if one partner has the choice of giving his/ her time to the other partner vs giving it to someone/something else, what would he/she rather choose? And, if the choice, is usually the latter, then, when, the ball is in the other partner’s court, wouldn’t he/she also do the same?

Here’s why the answer is grey.

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You Have Got Mr. Wrong!

mrwrongWhy is it that when the butterflies start fluttering in the stomach and the heart starts to thud, the man in consideration automatically turns to Mr. Right? Love makes us stop questioning. It makes us completely stop our thinking prowess. It is no wonder that often these relationships fall flat on the face in no time. We, really should try and rationalise the emotions a little because there’s no use trying to work it out if the guy is Mr. Wrong!

Here’s how you can know that he’s not for you. He’s Mr. Wrong and not the knight in shining armour who you have been thinking him to be.

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Top 14 ‘He Loves Her’ Signs

signs that he loves you

Are you smiling because you have discovered that you are in love? Well congratulations! It’s a heady feeling for sure. But does he love you to? What are the signs? Too much of that on Google already. Let’s try and get some different answers out. I asked some of my friends but all they said was, “men are tricky”. I don’t think so. They are simpler than women are.

So here’s my take on how you can analyse if he loves you too or not. I’m giving you my top-of-mind recall ‘Top 14 He Loves Her Signs’.

Please note: we are discussing if ‘he loves she’. These are not signs for the reverse. And they have been cited in random order.

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You Are Too Smart For Me


“I want my girlfriend to be smart and sexy. But I want to marry someone who will take care of the kitchen and stay at home to look after the child.”

A commonplace dialogue by most men. Why is it that a woman’s smartness threatens them when it comes to a long-term commitment? What is it that makes them insecure?

In fact, a study performed by the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University, and the University of Texas, revealed the same  – men can’t deal with a woman who is smarter than them.  A woman maybe sensitive and sweet, but her intelligence will threaten the man with even the biggest c**k!

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I Don’t Care If You Have Skeletons

skeletons in the closet

I went where I always go to when I need to research a bit – Google! All that came up, despite plenty of keyword changes, was how one person’s sexual past bothered another one when these two got into a relationship.

I thus have a funny, no, an incredible, situation in hand. I know of two people who are so in love with each other that their sexual pasts don’t bother them. And yes, they know about it all. Every bed move! Pretty much all the gory details. Nothing censored out.

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Are You Sure It Is Love?


“I love you.”

“You are my life.”

“I won’t be able to live with you.”

Sounds familiar? I’m sure! It’s been said by millions for the past so many years. But watch out for the signs I’m going to talk about. If you think your relationship have these, then stay away. Unless you want what ‘your man’ wants too – S.E.X.!

Yes, these are the signs that you are in a relationship where the guy is all out to have a good time with you in bed. Or maybe the shower! Umm, well alright, maybe even the back seat of the car. But love? Nopes. That doesn’t exist.

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We Are Not Magnets!

oop att

Magnets can attract if the opposite poles face each other, but we are not magnets! How can two human beings who have a completely different set of beliefs, attitude and ideologies attract each other? 

There is one school of thought who believe that this happens because we tend to look for a person with the qualities that are lacking within us. Hence the concept of ‘opposites attract’. Continue reading

Don’t Break Up Just Yet

don't break up

It is so easy to fall in love. Probably even easier to let your expectations go flying off the room and beyond the mountains and clouds! And even easier to say “let’s quit” when things don’t go your way.

But is that what one should do? Should we not fight our brains that tell us to give up after a fight? 

There is this girl I know. Let me tell you her story today.

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How To Screw Up Your First Date

first date, dating, flirting, relationships, valentine's dayPlenty has been written about how to make the first date the perfect one. Many more will spring up as 14th February nears. And hence I’m not interested in writing about it. Here’s something different – ‘how to screw up your first date’. This one’s only for you ladies. Oh please don’t get that crease between your brows. You never know when you might need this advice. I can think of two instances already.

  • There’s this guy you have wanted to go out with for a long time but now that you finally have you realise that he’s more than pathetic. And you need to run!
  • Your parents want you to meet this chap because ‘rishta aya hai’ (marriage proposal has arrived). But you have no intentions of wearing the wedding band. This, girl, is your escape route. (of course you can always try the ‘let me explain to my parents why I don’t want to settle down’ but I don’t think they would work. They rarely do.)

Here, then, is one of the most useful ‘how to’s’ that you will ever come across. 🙂

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