Do They Really Go Away

 Since we are, we must go. That’s the only constant. It happens to every living being. It must. Then, why do we feel what we feel when a loved one leaves us?

 When someone who is very dear to us crosses over to the other side of the bridge why do we feel such myriad emotions like sadness, anger, and disbelief? Why do we start blaming them for leaving us? Why does it take us so long to come to terms with the loss and to get our life back in order? It makes me wonder, do animals feel so too?  And trees? I guess not. Only the human brain seems to be programmed in such a way. Continue reading


I am ‘More Indian Than You Think’

More Indian Than You Think - Lufthansa
Lufthansa’s new commercial, which you can see here, is an attempt to celebrate India’s growing global influence. I will say it  is a true one. Not because of what they show in the beginning and in the middle. But because of the flicker of what is shown towards the end. India, even if many Indians or foreign nationals would like to believe so, is not about eating roti or about dancing. It is so much more. One, amongst those, is to serve guests with love and with a smile – no matter what their class, creed, religion, or gender. This fact about Indian-ness has been well demonstrated, even if a little covertly, towards the end of the advertisement when the air-hostess serves tasty Indian food to one of the players. Yes, such gestures do delight. I don’t blame the player for looking so gleeful!

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The Soul’s Choice


We are always making choices in life. Then, I wonder, why not before that during the pre-conception stage as well? Does the child choose the DNA blueprint of the parents whom he wants to go to?

I’m sure there’s a lot of activity that goes on in the ether world before the child comes into the mother’s womb. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and, while the thoughts seem mysterious, it is plausible too. Only if you believe in such emotions though.

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Family – Who Says You Are Only Born Into One?


The month of June, I believe, is National Family Month. Hence this post.

I have heard people saying “you can’t choose your family, you are born into them.” I don’t really agree with this. Yes, the ones linked through blood – primary, secondary and tertiary – we can’t choose (but can ignore!). But there are those who, despite not being linked through blood or genes, become family in the journey called life.

Who is family after all? The ‘baggage’ that we lug around just because they are associated with us due to our birth? The ones who are oblivious of our existence till they hear that there’s some gossip surrounding us or there’s a party where they can get free booze or the ones who stand by us during our darkest hours even though they have the choice to go and have a good time with their lives? And at what point does someone who is not officially a family become one?

Here’s my take.

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