Are You Sure It Is Love?


“I love you.”

“You are my life.”

“I won’t be able to live with you.”

Sounds familiar? I’m sure! It’s been said by millions for the past so many years. But watch out for the signs I’m going to talk about. If you think your relationship have these, then stay away. Unless you want what ‘your man’ wants too – S.E.X.!

Yes, these are the signs that you are in a relationship where the guy is all out to have a good time with you in bed. Or maybe the shower! Umm, well alright, maybe even the back seat of the car. But love? Nopes. That doesn’t exist.

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Flirt On?

flirting, dating, love, romance, relationshipLet’s get mushy. After all, that’s what I write best about. But since this is not a love letter but a blog post, there has to be a point that I drive home.

This is what has been on my mind lately – especially with what I see around me amongst the younger generation of girls (Yuck! That makes me sound old!) –

‘What is the need to flirt if you can have that one person who truly loves you?’

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