Family – Who Says You Are Only Born Into One?


The month of June, I believe, is National Family Month. Hence this post.

I have heard people saying “you can’t choose your family, you are born into them.” I don’t really agree with this. Yes, the ones linked through blood – primary, secondary and tertiary – we can’t choose (but can ignore!). But there are those who, despite not being linked through blood or genes, become family in the journey called life.

Who is family after all? The ‘baggage’ that we lug around just because they are associated with us due to our birth? The ones who are oblivious of our existence till they hear that there’s some gossip surrounding us or there’s a party where they can get free booze or the ones who stand by us during our darkest hours even though they have the choice to go and have a good time with their lives? And at what point does someone who is not officially a family become one?

Here’s my take.

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Love Is Friendship

love is friendship

I saw a Bollywood movie years ago (those who watch such movies will know which one it is!) that said that a man and a woman could never really be friends. It was just a curtain behind which passions were getting ignited every moment. That stuck to my mind. It seemed to be a valid point. I grew up thinking that love and friendship were two completely separate entities. A ‘boyfriend’ and a ‘boy who was a friend’ were different things and that ‘never the twain shall meet’. So, when I saw another flick that said that love meant friendship, I just couldn’t fathom what it meant. I remember giggling at the sheer thought of falling in love with my best friend.

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Beyond Love…

love, romance, mush, soulmates

“I love you”.

Reading umpteen number of Mills & Boon novels since my teen years led me to believe that this was the maximum a person could say. Seems this is not true. There’s a level above this. A sense of extreme affection coupled with a burning passion. A feeling that only a chosen few experience.

Let me describe it. Although that’s the greatest problem. Describing this ‘above love’ situation is pretty much impossible till you have felt it.  But I shall try because else it will keep eating my brains and saying, “Aditi, write about it. You have to. You know you want to.” 

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You Cannot Be Friends!

friendship, relationship, loveI saw this Bollywood film eons ago – ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. It is still one of my favourites. But there is this one dialogue in the film which, till date, I have never understood. The villain said ‘ek ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho skate’ (a boy and a girl can never be friends). I do not, DO NOT, understand this. Some of my best friends have been men. 
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