My Journey to Feline-ism

Cat Love

When Aditi asked me to write a column about love, I had to search heart, mind and soul for something that wouldn’t stir up past trauma and cause pain. And then finally, like the pitter-patter of tiny approaching paws on linoleum, I came up with an idea.

I love my cat, unconditionally, and she loves me, too… unconditionally. I have nothing but positive things to say about her, and though she bites me sometimes I’d like to think she would have only positive things to say about me.

Although an indoor pet, my cat Padme spends her time however she pleases, and this suits me fine. Conversely, she lets me be all I can be, and I push the limits writing into the late hours of the night…morning… undisturbed. When finished for the day, I creep up the stairs, and Padme, in her nocturnally active state, is there to greet me with a pretty meow. You see, night-owls, or night-cats, like Padme and me are like peas in a pod. She jumps on my bed at 2 .a.m. and then curls upon my chest. It’s time for the two night-creatures, a pair of nonromantic companions, to rest.

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For Want of Love – A Story

wnat love

A small message from me before this blog post starts. There haven’t been too many stories (in fact only one very tiny one) on this blog yet. So it will add a new flavour to it for sure. Plus, I loved the message that it conveys. – Aditi Bose, “CEO of this Blog” 🙂

I read what Manu wrote in his post on how kids were entering the dating arena too soon. A trend I seem to be noticing lately, now that I am a mother of two. It got me thinking about the other end of the spectrum, how it’s sometimes too late to enter the arena. Here’s a story I penned for the TOI WriteIndia contest some time back, where it was just too late to show the love.

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Too Soon To Enter The Dating Arena


Relationships are a tricky thing. Every one falters in one, one way or the other. People sometimes ask, ‘What is a good relationship?’ The answer is simple, if you ask me. There ain’t one. There ain’t a bad one either. There are only relationships!

I don’t give relationship advices to people. If someone does, I tell them that asking me for one is like asking Smriti Irani for educational inputs! Be that as it may, I still get funny questions about relationships. I choose not to answer. Sometimes, I just run away from such questions and there are times I am forced to say something or the other. What worries is me is nothing of this. Instead it is the fact that how young kids go into relationships these days. I have no kids, but I do watch my cousins who are in their teenage and how they talk about relationships around me. Once I asked one of them, ‘Don’t you think you are a wee bit young for this sort of thing?’
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We Hurt Those Whom We Love The Most

broken heart, hurt those we love

“How can we love someone and still hurt them? Then it’s not true love!” one may want to argue. But we all do. All of us hurt those whom we love the most, and yes, we are also hurt by them. If we are true to ourselves and admit this simple fact, yes, life will be a lot less complex. It happens in almost all relationships – parent-child, best friends, lovers, and husband and wife.

But what is the cause of this?

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Shikhandi Reincarnated

shikhandi, mahabharata, 3rd gender

“…Not for the choice of the scripture but as the twist of fate, I become Shonkora, Shikhandi reincarnated.”

When this little boy was gradually turning into a teen, he too faced a lot of sudden changes in his body and mind that had left a deep impact on him. He felt uncomfortable. Having no idea that this age can be so delicate for him to handle. His thoughts began to develop into the next sphere as his physical shape went through a transformation too. Continue reading