Do You Love Him Or His Image?

With all the stories that I am hearing, a very pertinent question is doing the rounds of my mind for the past few days. When a couple breaks up, why does the girl find it so difficult to move on? Why does his name/face not leave her mind? Why does she shed tears when she sees certain movies or hears certain songs that she associates with him? And all this despite the fact that she has broken up with him. Why is the ache within so torturous?

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When Your Boyfriend Says You Are Victorian!

The other day a close friend of mine visited me. She was teary and in distress. After a lot of cajoling and a good many rounds of coffee shots (I have no clue how she drank it) she decided to tell me what was troubling her. As predicted – boyfriend issue.

My friend had apparently told her partner that she did not like it when he spoke to other women. She had added that she did not feel insecure as long as it was at his workplace. But when he did so at parties, and more so when he invited them at his house (and made no effort to introduce her to them) it was something that she found disconcerting.

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When you love him enough to walk away

I just saw a video on Facebook which said that often a relationship, that once was based on love, breaks because A gives to B what she wants and not what B desires, and vice versa. For example, A might be giving gifts to B while what B desires is time. While this is not completely untrue, it is not completely true either. There are times when one of the partners give all that they have and yet the relationship fails.

If you are going through such a time, here’s what I have to say to you – please walk away while you still love him. Walk away while you can still remember the good times that you have spent with him. Walk away while the chord just has a few knots and is not ablaze. Walk away before everything become dust. And when you do, please don’t blame yourself or your partner for the relationship that went awry. Sometimes it is just not meant to be.

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10 Ways You Can Bring Her Anger Down


The relationship is sealed. You are officially now a couple. Congratulations because that means you are ready to deal with your girl’s anger as well (yea that happens!) No? You are not? You are one of those who thought life would pass you by as you wore your rose -tinted glasses? Damn! Well, these are ways you could bring her anger down. Did you just ask whether these were sure shot ways? Nope! They aren’t. Just like nothing else is. By what have you go to lose? You came to the table knowing nothing. So, you might as well see if these work.

Show Of Affection

Women like being shown affection and that does not mean sex. Hold her hand and say sorry. If she’s angry because of someone else and not you, then, after she’s spoken of her woes, hug her. Take her for a drive and then go to a cozy cafe where you can sit together and enjoy a cup of coffee amidst some arm-over-the-shoulder. Yes. You are getting the flow. She needs some PDA and some CDDA (for the uninitiated, that’s closed door display of affection) to get her to simmer down.

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“You’re my dream come true…My one and only you”

I was speaking to my cousin last night. He said two things two me. I have known it. But hearing it again, it hit me. Quite hard.

1. You can’t ever force someone to choose you over another.

2. When we are at a crossroad, and we have to decide, we choose that which we feel closer to.

When two people are in a relationship, it is unlikely that they will always be doing things together. They will have different likes, different friend circles etc. This said, the question that’s still plaguing my mind is – if one partner has the choice of giving his/ her time to the other partner vs giving it to someone/something else, what would he/she rather choose? And, if the choice, is usually the latter, then, when, the ball is in the other partner’s court, wouldn’t he/she also do the same?

Here’s why the answer is grey.

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Love Will Change You


Who says you can’t change. Who says that your inherent personality doesn’t ever change. It does. And only one thing makes it. Love.

Become More Positive

When you are in love everything around you will seem to be more beautiful. You will find positivity in people and in their actions. You will want to behave nicer towards others too. When you are happy, the surrounding also turns into a happy place. We smile for no reason and we ask people how their day is just so that when they ask us back we can tell them that we havn’t felt better.

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You Have Got Mr. Wrong!

mrwrongWhy is it that when the butterflies start fluttering in the stomach and the heart starts to thud, the man in consideration automatically turns to Mr. Right? Love makes us stop questioning. It makes us completely stop our thinking prowess. It is no wonder that often these relationships fall flat on the face in no time. We, really should try and rationalise the emotions a little because there’s no use trying to work it out if the guy is Mr. Wrong!

Here’s how you can know that he’s not for you. He’s Mr. Wrong and not the knight in shining armour who you have been thinking him to be.

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Have Your Felt The Jolt?


Why is it that one person’s squeeze-the-breath-out-of-me hug feels brotherly. Ok at most friendly. And another’s barely-touch-the tip-of-my-little-finger’s-nail jolts the shit out of you? Is it all in the head? Hidden in the feelings? A hormonal reaction?

I am on a ‘hunt for an answer to this’ mission today.  Let’s see what answers some research reveals.

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Top 14 ‘He Loves Her’ Signs

signs that he loves you

Are you smiling because you have discovered that you are in love? Well congratulations! It’s a heady feeling for sure. But does he love you to? What are the signs? Too much of that on Google already. Let’s try and get some different answers out. I asked some of my friends but all they said was, “men are tricky”. I don’t think so. They are simpler than women are.

So here’s my take on how you can analyse if he loves you too or not. I’m giving you my top-of-mind recall ‘Top 14 He Loves Her Signs’.

Please note: we are discussing if ‘he loves she’. These are not signs for the reverse. And they have been cited in random order.

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I’m In Love With Your Husband

extra marital affair

You really can’t help falling in love, can you? So often, we decide to fall for someone who we know, right from the beginning, is not right. And yet, we go ahead and do it. So too, happened to a relative of mine. She fell in love with a married man. 

I don’t know if ‘agony aunt’ is written on my face or not, but she came to me for relationship advice, like so many in the past have done. While the best advice that I could have given her would have been to ask her to stay away, I didn’t do that. Instead I just warned her about what she would have to deal with once the thrill of the initial sex was over and the libido was back to normal. The ball was then in her court – literally! She was the one who would have to make the decision if she wanted to continue the secret adventure or walk away.

Here’s what I told her.

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