How Much Abuse Is Enough?

When two people get into a well meaning and serious relationship they do so out of love. But what happens if one of them turn out to be an abusive person? Yes, there are those that wear their mask well during courtship days and when they pull it off later then a devil is revealed! Not to forget how abusive partners can put on an act for the public to see that he treats his partner like a princess and the moment the doors are closed his belt lands hurtfully on his partner’s body.

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Bad Relationship, Bad Health

This happened recently when I had gone home to visit mum. The maid was fine in the morning. Then suddenly she was being rushed off to the hospital in the evening. Reports came in later which said that her blood pressure had shot up and she had had brain haemorrhage.
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I’m In Love With Your Husband

extra marital affair

You really can’t help falling in love, can you? So often, we decide to fall for someone who we know, right from the beginning, is not right. And yet, we go ahead and do it. So too, happened to a relative of mine. She fell in love with a married man. 

I don’t know if ‘agony aunt’ is written on my face or not, but she came to me for relationship advice, like so many in the past have done. While the best advice that I could have given her would have been to ask her to stay away, I didn’t do that. Instead I just warned her about what she would have to deal with once the thrill of the initial sex was over and the libido was back to normal. The ball was then in her court – literally! She was the one who would have to make the decision if she wanted to continue the secret adventure or walk away.

Here’s what I told her.

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I Don’t Care If You Have Skeletons

skeletons in the closet

I went where I always go to when I need to research a bit – Google! All that came up, despite plenty of keyword changes, was how one person’s sexual past bothered another one when these two got into a relationship.

I thus have a funny, no, an incredible, situation in hand. I know of two people who are so in love with each other that their sexual pasts don’t bother them. And yes, they know about it all. Every bed move! Pretty much all the gory details. Nothing censored out.

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We Are Not Magnets!

oop att

Magnets can attract if the opposite poles face each other, but we are not magnets! How can two human beings who have a completely different set of beliefs, attitude and ideologies attract each other? 

There is one school of thought who believe that this happens because we tend to look for a person with the qualities that are lacking within us. Hence the concept of ‘opposites attract’. Continue reading

I Don’t Like This Position

compromise, sex, marriage, relationship

Those who know me well are already a little (OK more than a little) shocked at the ‘bold’ blog posts that are being written by me. Some have told me that I have changed. I don’t know if that’s for the good or for the worse because that hasn’t been spelled out to me. People love being vague. However, it doesn’t really matter because I am happy this way. There’s got to be somewhere or to someone where one can rant out everything. And this is where I do it.

This post, however, even if the title is suggestive of it, won’t be about the ‘various positions’. I could give a detailed sermon on it but so could Google. So I will let sexual positions be for the time being. 😉

What is this ‘position’ then that’s of interest to me. It’s the ever compromising position that the woman faces in this oh-so-traditional Indian society of ours. 

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And This Is When A Joke Is No Longer Funny

joke, humour, fun

Relationships are very fragile. It can take years to build up one and yet can crumble in just a few seconds. One fight, one misunderstanding, one confusion, a little error. This is all that is takes for a bond to go kaput. And when this happens, I am sure, the people involved do feel a plethora of emotions. It could be hurt, anger, humiliation, emptiness, devastation or a ear deafening silence.

ThIS brings me to my point. What is it about so many people that makes them want to make mockery of such broken relationships? Why do they do it? What vicarious pleasure do they derive from it? There are so many things to joke about. Can’t they leave thIS alone?

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You Cannot Be Friends!

friendship, relationship, loveI saw this Bollywood film eons ago – ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. It is still one of my favourites. But there is this one dialogue in the film which, till date, I have never understood. The villain said ‘ek ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho skate’ (a boy and a girl can never be friends). I do not, DO NOT, understand this. Some of my best friends have been men. 
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Sex – Only A Three Letter Word Now?

sex, relationship, intercourse

Recently I have been speaking to way too many women who have confided in me that for them sex is just an act. It is not something that they look forward to or something that they enjoy. Woah! Really? Why?

Why is it that so many women out there lie there on their beds every night with their legs apart as the man penetrate them – and they don’t feel a thing?

These are married couples. They love their spouses and so want to give them pleasure. But they get nothing in return. Probably this lot is worse off than those who sell their bodies – at least they get money in return.


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