Do They Really Go Away

 Since we are, we must go. That’s the only constant. It happens to every living being. It must. Then, why do we feel what we feel when a loved one leaves us?

 When someone who is very dear to us crosses over to the other side of the bridge why do we feel such myriad emotions like sadness, anger, and disbelief? Why do we start blaming them for leaving us? Why does it take us so long to come to terms with the loss and to get our life back in order? It makes me wonder, do animals feel so too?  And trees? I guess not. Only the human brain seems to be programmed in such a way. Continue reading

10 Ways You Can Bring Her Anger Down


The relationship is sealed. You are officially now a couple. Congratulations because that means you are ready to deal with your girl’s anger as well (yea that happens!) No? You are not? You are one of those who thought life would pass you by as you wore your rose -tinted glasses? Damn! Well, these are ways you could bring her anger down. Did you just ask whether these were sure shot ways? Nope! They aren’t. Just like nothing else is. By what have you go to lose? You came to the table knowing nothing. So, you might as well see if these work.

Show Of Affection

Women like being shown affection and that does not mean sex. Hold her hand and say sorry. If she’s angry because of someone else and not you, then, after she’s spoken of her woes, hug her. Take her for a drive and then go to a cozy cafe where you can sit together and enjoy a cup of coffee amidst some arm-over-the-shoulder. Yes. You are getting the flow. She needs some PDA and some CDDA (for the uninitiated, that’s closed door display of affection) to get her to simmer down.

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Life is Goofy – Laugh!

Stress, anxiety, unhappiness, worry. Haven’t we all just had too much of it? Nodding your head, eh? I am too – rocking in the same boat as the rest of you out there. This is why I have decided to let some humour enter my life. Hence this post on the various “That Moment When” which I have lately faced. It resulted in some giggles from within me. Maybe it will hep you to smile a little too.

Do share your “That Moment When” with me because it is time that we all indulged in some happiness.

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I am ‘More Indian Than You Think’

More Indian Than You Think - Lufthansa
Lufthansa’s new commercial, which you can see here, is an attempt to celebrate India’s growing global influence. I will say it  is a true one. Not because of what they show in the beginning and in the middle. But because of the flicker of what is shown towards the end. India, even if many Indians or foreign nationals would like to believe so, is not about eating roti or about dancing. It is so much more. One, amongst those, is to serve guests with love and with a smile – no matter what their class, creed, religion, or gender. This fact about Indian-ness has been well demonstrated, even if a little covertly, towards the end of the advertisement when the air-hostess serves tasty Indian food to one of the players. Yes, such gestures do delight. I don’t blame the player for looking so gleeful!

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Fall In Love With Imagination


When we were kids we had the courage to dream. We didn’t live in a make-believe world, but we could weave happiness out of small things. When I saw my kid enjoying herself with Colgate’s Magical Sea World Collection, this was just reaffirmed. Why do we, the adult population, then feel scared to do so? And when we do, why do others finger point and label us as day dreamers?

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Reading In The Language Of The Heart

IAD 2016 Banner

This post is to celebrate International Authors’ Day. It is being hosted by Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay. You can visit her blog by clicking here.

 mother tongue

Recently I asked one of my cousins if she had read Satyajit Ray’s ‘Feluda’ as a kid. She nodded and said yes, “His writing in English is so awesome!” I was exasperated! Feluda in English? That’s like having mango milkshake with no mango and only it’s flavour instead. The only language that Feluda should ever be read in is the one in Bengali. More so if you are a ‘Bong’ yourself. She reasoned with me that since she never stayed in Kolkata she didn’t know how to read and write in her own mother tongue. It left me tongue tied.

I didn’t continue with the topic any further, but I asked myself if that was excuse enough? Isn’t one missing out on an essential if he doesn’t know his own mother tongue? I, for one, feel very let down when I see that. And yes, before anyone can say anything, I have started doing the needful with my child because she must know it for sure. She doesn’t have to venture into the ‘History of Bengali Literature’ or know all the intricate nuances of Bengali grammar; but she must be able to read the Bengali newspaper and write an essay in her mother tongue.

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The Soul’s Choice


We are always making choices in life. Then, I wonder, why not before that during the pre-conception stage as well? Does the child choose the DNA blueprint of the parents whom he wants to go to?

I’m sure there’s a lot of activity that goes on in the ether world before the child comes into the mother’s womb. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and, while the thoughts seem mysterious, it is plausible too. Only if you believe in such emotions though.

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Fight the Depression


I’m not a doctor and so for those who are seeking for medical advice to counter depression, this is not the place to be. However, if you think that some you-better-smile-else-you-will-get-a-kick-on-your-butt will help then read on.

There’s just a few mantras that you need to remember and it will get you through this period of depression. If they have helped a born pessimist like me then you will also benefit. That I’m sure of.

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Star Wars – Classroom Lessons

star wars

So much has already been written about ‘Star Wars’ that little else is left to be said. Except maybe asking why the Jedis are burnt like in the Hindu tradition or how is it that Chewbacca and Han Solo meet (I hear there’s a movie coming up on that soon!) That’s not the reason behind this post though. This is a relationship blog and not a movie one. Plus, I wouldn’t ever dare to analyse something as epic as this one!

I am not fascinated with science fiction movies. They don’t make much sense to me. So I stay away from them. As I have from Star Wars all these years. But now that I know what it is all about, I am floored. This movie series is anything but science fiction. It has layers of human human emotions that is depicted through simple and yet hard-hitting dialogues. 

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