Sip On A Drink And Hear The Birds

The best time to visit Roots is during winter because the best thing about this place is the outdoor seating during breakfast time.

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No need to go ‘Diggin’ to this place!


Honestly? I think the place is too much of hype. There are just so many like this cafe in Delhi itself.

It’s located in the upmarket shopping complex, Santushti. the entry to this place is pretty – with a tiny bridge, outdoor seating, and greenery. Inside, the space is not too big but can fit around 8-10 couples easily. Yes, it’s brimming with just them. So, if you are planning a family visit or one with the kid, like me, you might feel a tad awkward.

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Enjoy the Calm at Sattvik

I am nowhere close to being a vegetarian. I relish only non-vegetarian food. This said, I was surprised when I found myself walking into a restaurant that serves NOTHING non-vegetarian. It could have been the rats and mice that were running amok inside my stomach after walking around for over three hours. All I knew was that I needed some food soon and this place was not overcrowded. Plus, this restaurant felt nice and cool ( the dim lighting was an eye sooner  as well) after having walked out of the more-my-type Johnny Rockets nearby because of their dismal air-conditioning. 

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Let The Chicken Quiche Melt Into Your Mouth at Bread and More

After browsing through clothes and books, what better than to get a place where one can relax and eat some mouth-watering sandwiches and cakes. Bread & More does the trick. Set in Greater Kailash, N block, Part 1 Market, near Fab India and the Full Circle bookshop, it’s giving Cafe Turtle a run for its money especially since Cafe Turtle only serves vegetarian food.

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