Birds Try, Hama-Guri Tries

Hama-Guri refused to try his spellings again. “No Mumma. I won’t do it again. I’m tired.”

“I know Hama. But…” His mother began saying but stopped mid way. This was not working. Hama-Guri was a bright boy. But he was just not getting his spellings correct. And his term end exams were just round the corner. She knew she had to do something about it. Thankfully tomorrow was a Saturday and they would have the entire day to get his studies back on track. For now, she decided to just let it be. “Oh alright baby. Let’s leave this for today. You go and play for a while and let me get dinner ready.”
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Hama-Guri Saves The Puppy

Hama-Guri climbed out of bed with the smell of fresh pancakes and cheese scrambled eggs drifting into the room. It was a bright winter Sunday morning. He smiled. Today would be a fun day. He had already got his bag pack ready the previous night. Now he just had to wait for Maa-Door, his best friend and neighbour, to arrive and they could set off for their squirrel spotting trip to the jungle.

“Hama-Guri are you up yet?” His mother screamed from floor below. “Breakfast’s ready and Maa-Door is also here.”

“I’m coming.” He darted into the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth. A few mug full of water poured on his body and his bath was done. He smiled – the soaping and the shampooing could be done some other time. After ten minutes he was out of his room dressed in a pair of jeans and his favourite red t-shirt. He hated putting on the sweaters, jackets, caps, mufflers and gloves. But he knew his mother wouldn’t let him step out of the house without it. So, very reluctantly, those had gone onto form a part of his attire as well.
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Hama-Guri Learns about Shapes

Hama-Guri ran into the house. He had just back from school but ws still full of energy. His mother knew why. This happened every time he learnt something new. He loved to share it with his mother and explore more about it.

“Good afternoon mumma!” He exclaimed, his face beaming. “You know what the teacher taught us today?”

“Tell me Hama. I want to learn too.” She smiled back at her son. His excitement was infectious.

“She showed us a chess board and said ‘This is a square’ and then a pizza bread and said ‘This is a circle’.”

“How interesting.” His mother replied. She knew what was coming next. But she was prepared for it. And it would be fun discovering with him too.

“She showed us a few more. But mumma when I asked her about more, she said ‘More tomorrow’. Mumma can we do it now?”
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Hama-Guri Sees Growing Up

Hama-Guri and Ma-Door, his best friend and his neighbour, sat in the former’s room looking at old albums. Hama’s mother had taken it out for them. It was raining way too hard outside and she saw no signs of it abetting. So this was one way she could keep the two boys occupied. Even though she wanted to sit and play with them, it was way past 7pm in the evening and she had not even begun chopping the vegetables for dinner.

“Is that really you?” Ma-Door asked as he stared at the picture of a tiny baby wrapped up in a blue cloth.

“Ya.” Hama replied feeling a little shy. These pictures were fun to see but he wouldn’t want his image of being the adventurous lad getting spoilt because of all these picture from eons ago. “I am sure you were like this too Ma-Door.”
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Hama-Guri Sees Santa

“The tree looks so lovely!” Hama-Guri exclaimed as his mother finished putting the final star on top of the Christmas tree.

“Yes dear, it does.” She replied, a smile on her face. They had spent the last two hours doing up the tree and now it was time for celebrations to begin. “So Hama, what did you ask from Santa this year?”

Hama-Guri looked at his mother. There was something that he was meaning to tell her for the past few days. But he was scared whether his words would hurt her or not. He loved his mother and he hated seeing her feel sad.

“There’s something on your mind Hama. What is it?” his mother asked seeing her son’s brow creased together. He was only six, but he often amazed her with his questions, ideas and thoughts. She knew this was one such instance. And she was ready for the surprise.
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Hama-Guri Learns to Choose a Hobby

“Mumma we have to take up a new class at school!” HamaI-Guri cried as he barged in through the door. He had just come back from school, and, as usual, he had loads to talk about. “There are so many of them that I don’t know what to do.”

“What classes Hama?” Mumma asked. She had not got any notice from school yet. Then what was her son talking about?

Hama-Guri sat down on the sofa beside his mother and took out a sheet of paper. His mother looked at it and smiled. Sure enough these were classes. And yet they were not. They were hobby classes that kids could join if they wished to.
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Hama-Guri Teaches Not to be Afraid of the Dark

“But I can’t sleep without the lights” Ma-Door wailed.

“But why? These lights get in my eyes. I need darkness before sleep,” replied Hama-Guri. He was getting a little irritated with his friend. But they were best of friends. So he was trying his best to explain that darkness is not something to be afraid of. Especially when today was Ma-Door’s first sleep over at his house. But the past half an hour had yielded no result. And he was feeling very sleepy. “Try Ma-Door! Don’t be such a baby.” He said in a coaxing voice.
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Hama-Guri Learns to Respect Different Races

Contributed By: Rudrajyoti Nath Ray

About the Contributor: He is an advocate working with the Supreme Court of India. He likes writing poetry or blogging about various legal matters when he is not working. He loves children and think that they ask smarter questions than judges! “Convincing a kid is more difficult than getting an order from the court,” he says.

Children are full of questions. Sometimes they do not know and hence they ask. And sometimes the adults are not particularly good at answering – hence begging more questions.
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Hama-Guri’s Lesson on Love

When mum saw him, she called him “What are you doing there Hama?”Hama-Guri’s Lesson on Love”Umm…” Hama-Guri stood at the door and smiled sheepishly as he saw dad giving mumma a kiss. Ma-Door, his information encyclopaedia, had already told him about Valentine’s Day. “Nothing…”

Mumma laughed and went over to him and picked him up and gave him a big hug. And then it was father’s turn.

“Oh you two leave me alone!” He squealed and giggled. “I’m a big boy now!” Continue reading