Nominated For The Liebster Award


The first thing that that I see when I get up in the morning is that Hayley R. Hardman, a blogger whose blog has over 557 short stories, has nominated me for this award. Thank you for this! You can hop over to her blog The Story Files to read her stories.

I didn’t quite know what this award was all about and so I asked my most trusted one – Google. Amongst all the information and rules about this award that I managed to gather, what caught my eye was this:

“It has German origins and the word “liebster” has several definitions that mean dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and boyfriend.”

This blog is where I talk of all these emotions and relationships. So, it is probably an indication that I should continue with the chain. I believe in signs!

Hence here goes. Let me start with 11 random facts about myself.

  1. I love writing – it is how I vent out all my pent up emotions
  2. Mush has been stirred inside me to form an extra sweet syrup – and this many can’t handle
  3. I escape to the loo if I need to have some peace of mind – this is the only ‘room’ in the house where no one dares to bug me.
  4. I am selfie obsessed – and I don’t care if it bugs others
  5. I love making craft out of junk – and I will be at it all day till I like the creation
  6. I can have Maggi day after day for all meals – without getting a tummy ache
  7. I hate cooking – because i don’t understand zilch of it and neither do I wish to know
  8. I don’t like visiting places of worship – respecting my parents and loving my daughter is prayer enough for me
  9. I love the songs “I’ve had the time of my life” and “Unchained Melody” – they transport me into a different world
  10. My lucky number is 13 – I have the best days when it is ‘Friday the 13th’
  11. I want to ride in a Gondola, watch the sunset over the pyramids and see the snow capped Alps mountains one day with the one I love

Next. These are the questions that have been given to me. Here are the answers.

Do you have any pets and their names?

Nopes. No pets. They are a huge responsibility and paucity of time does not allow me to take this up.

Have you ever written a novel or want to?

Yes. The first was an ebook for children titled Hama-Guri Goes to School and the latest is the romance novel My Dream Man.

Do you believe in unicorns?

Only if they have horns that can spurt out rainbows! I think I saw one at the end of the movie ‘Deadpool’ in the credits section.:)

What’s your favourite character from childhood?

Since it doesn’t say cartoon and we are all really characters, each playing a part – reel or real – my favourite is Superman. Or is it Christopher Reeves? Sometimes I wonder whether I liked the man from Krypton more or the Earthling more!

What’s your favourite quote from a novel?

Unfortunately none. While I have read so many books and have also liked certain sentences and even paragraphs from quite a few, I don’t remember any. And if that the case then, maybe, none ever really became a favourite. I could Google it up and say here’s my favourite. But why lie? I like to differentiate the ‘like’ from the ‘favourite’.

What’s your favourite place in the world?

In his arms! 🙂

Do you keep a diary/journal/ log book?

Not anymore. At one time I had a diary and a travel journal. Now it is here that I open up.

How many books about how to write stories, blogs or getting published etc, do you own?

Not even one! Does that make me a bad person?

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Becoming a mother!

What’s your favourite band/music to listen to whilst you are writing?

While writing? Crime! I need pin drop silence. My sentences and thoughts all go awry otherwise. Even the sound of the pressure cooker whistle kills my flow of ideas.

Phew! That was quite something. So much about me from the morning. I cant digest it myself. I hope you guys will.

And finally – these are the blogs that I am nominating. The questions that you ladies and gentlemen would need to answer to continue with this chain follows after the names.

Me Otherwise 

Unconventional Dawns

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow


The Diary of a Rolling Stone

The Primordial Man-U

Here are the questions to be answered by you. Enjoy your moment of glory!

  • Why do you write?
  • Which is your favourite blog post till date?
  • What are the five adjectives that you would you to describe your blog?
  • How do you solve a writer’s block?
  • If you could travel back in time who would you like to meet?
  • What gives you guilty pleasure?
  • Who are the five people you cannot live without?
  • What does black and white mean to you?
  • With time what ages? The mind, body or the heart?
  • What would you like written on your epitaph?


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